Apple will Finance the Reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris

Apple will Finance the Reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris

Yesterday was a sad day for Paris, for France, for Europe, for history, for art, for culture. At 18:50 in the afternoon the ceiling of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris began to burn. 850 years of history were the grass of the flames in a few hours.

But there is still a halo of hope. The stone structure, thanks to the incredible work of the fire department of the French capital, has not been damaged by fire and the Cathedral, as Macron said yesterday, will be rebuilt.

“We will rebuild this cathedral all together and, without a doubt, it is part of the destiny of France and of the project, we will have for the coming years”

Tim Cook is committed to helping economically to the reconstruction of the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral

The economic investment to rebuild the Cathedral of Paris will be incredibly high, but with tweets like the one written yesterday by Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, he is closer to walking around the incredible ships of Notre Dame.

Obviously, such an emblematic building for Paris, like the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, has to be rebuilt at all costs. And Tim Cook has not been the only one who has lent himself to finance the reconstruction.

Apple will Finance the Reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris

French magnates owners of such emblematic brands as Louis Vuitton, Sephora, Gucci or Yves Saint Laurent have already pledged 700 million euros to rebuild Notre-Dame. And the  Fondation du Patrimoine has already launched an international campaign to raise money for the reconstruction of the Parisian Cathedral.

Now we only have to wait for reconstruction work to begin to enjoy the beauty and grandeur of the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

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