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A Chinese company hopes to take away from Samsung the exclusivity of the OLED panels of the iPhone

The iPhone is not just Apple’s job. Its design is the fundamental part, yes, but it is the combination of different technologies that make it possible for us to have our products in our hands, and not all of them have to be manufactured by those of Cupertino. For example, one of the main components, the OLED panel, is produced by the one that is its main rival in the mobile phone industry, Samsung. At least, as long as they maintain exclusivity.

According to 9to5Mac, the Asian company could be on the verge of losing that exclusivity that it has with Apple in terms of panel production, or that is what a Chinese manufacturer named BOE says, who would be aspiring to become one of the new suppliers of the Apple. The company would have been working on a flexible panel technology similar to the one Samsung introduced to Apple. In fact, Huawei, which also has its own flexible mobile, would be one of its current customers.


For Apple, BOE is not unknown. This manufacturer is the largest in China and is already one of the suppliers of the iPad and MacBook panels. To make matters worse, they would have been trying to convince Californians with dedicated production lines for the iPhone, but there is still no firm decision on this issue. For the time being, BOE would compete against Sharp, LG, and Japan Display, which would also be trying to achieve Apple’s orders for OLED panels.

In any case, it seems clear that Samsung will not be the exclusive provider of OLED panels for the iPhone for a long time, at least if it is in the hands of Apple. In the end, for Apple, it is much more convenient to work with several suppliers, in order to avoid possible problems in the production that may lead to stock breakages. And who knows, maybe it will help them in the future all the phones have OLED panels and leave the LCDs behind, although maybe this is too much to ask for.

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