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A new rumor says that the three cameras of the iPhone XI / 11 will be in a square projection

The new iPhone of this 2019 should surprise us if Apple wants to recover the battered sales that are having the iPhone XS. The rumours we have heard so far ensure that one of those key new functions of the iPhone XI or iPhone 11 will be the new cameras, three specifically.

However, three cameras occupy too much and it is not easy to find a valid solution. Until love appeared to have two options on the table and a new rumour contradicts what we knew so far and ensures that the cameras will be on a square ledge.

Macotakara bets on the square

Colouring three cameras on a smartphone are not something new, but perhaps nobody has managed to find the perfect design. We have seen options with cameras aligned vertically, horizontally or in a square like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.


Of all these current options it seems that Apple will opt for the latter according to the reports to which Macotakara has had access. It is the least ambitious option of the two we had seen.


In addition to this, the Japanese blog also reports other plans that Apple could have with the iPhone XI quite strange. On the one hand, it informs that perhaps only those with greater capacity, and therefore more expensive, would be the ones that housed this triple camera. Something that Apple has never done before.

That is to say, it is probable that the iPhone XI or iPhone 11 of 64 GB maintains the double camera and it would be only the model of more capacity that included one more sensor. For its part, the iPhone XR would also add a new sensor is its new update of 2019.

If this rumour is true, I do not think Apple manages to recover sales of the iPhone. It sounds like an excuse to try to charge more for improvements that have already reached many competing devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S10. Hopefully, it is not true.


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