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Are you looking for the best Samsung Galaxy Watch Apps? The latest Samsung Galaxy Watch looks just like an original watch but packs many amazing features under the hood. The watch can play music, track your steps or heart rate, run games, display notifications, and tell the time.  However, besides Apple’s watchOS or Android’s Wear OS, Samsung’s Tizen OS doesn’t have lots of apps, to start with. It was difficult to find the quality apps for Samsung Gear S3, Galaxy Watch and still, it is the case with the Galaxy Watch Active. But don’t worry, we found some of the best Samsung Galaxy Watch apps you must try. Let’s start.

Add Apps To Samsung Watch:

Samsung Galaxy Watch apps are unavailable on the Google Play Store. Also, you can download it either directly through the Galaxy Apps store or Watch. Not just this but also you can visit the Galaxy Apps Store on your Watch or the Android (through the Samsung Wearable app).

List Of Samsung Galaxy Watch Apps



Facer is an amazing Watch Face app for Samsung Galaxy Watch, Gear S2 / S3. However, setting a Watchface is quite simple or easy. All you need is to install the Facer app from the link given below and long-hit the home screen to check the list of installed watch faces. As it brings up lots of watch faces that you can select by swiping left or right. Whenever you find the one you want to, click on it to set it.

Install: Galaxy Watch (free)

Gear voice Memo

Typing on Samsung Galaxy Watch is quite difficult. Also, it becomes counter-intuitive to use an older note-taking app. Gear Voice Memo takes benefit of the in-built mic on the Galaxy Watch and records notes for you. You can also record an audio file of 6 minutes per note and move the recordings to the phone later on. The amazing feature Text-to-Speech works brilliantly but is not as polished as full-fledged transcription apps, so I won’t depend on it too much.

Install: Galaxy Watch (free)

Colorful Explosion

Colorful Explosion

Colorful Explosion is another best minimal Watch Face with beautiful backgrounds. The particle explosion themed background blends well using the white minute and hour hands. You can also modify the background by clicking the Watch Face once.

Install: Galaxy Watch


The app Spotify for the Samsung Galaxy Watch makes your music streaming experience extremely amazing. You can use the app either as a remote control for your Spotify android app or as a standalone app. Its remote mode moves your Samsung Galaxy Watch into a remote control. As it lets you view the last 50 songs you listened to, just in the situation when one of them got stuck in your head and you like to hear it again.

Install: Galaxy Watch (free)

Pujie Black

Pujie Black

Similar to Facer or WatchMaker, Pujie Black is a stunning custom watch face maker app that lets you set and create the best watch faces for your Samsung Galaxy Watch. It provides amazing features such as custom presets, watch face editor, user-submitted library, etc. Also, you can add custom animations on your watch face, add calendar, integrate Tasker, import weather, and lots of exciting stuff. However, the most brilliant feature of this app is that you can have various animation styles for interactive and default state.

Install: Android, Galaxy Watch

Find My Car

Find My Car works with Samsung mobiles just to helps you trace the place of your parked car with just the watch. It works like the given scenario: When you park your car, head over to the app and enable it to record your location. The app will automatically note your GPS coordinates and display the required location when you have to check the car in the parking lot later.

Install: Galaxy Watch

Sleep as Android

sleep as android

Well, the Samsung Galaxy Watch has local sleep tracking ability, it lacks some features that Sleep as Android offers. It does an amazing job of tacking your sleep effortlessly. The watch Sleep as Android offers smart alarms where you can set Spotify playlist, online radio, as well as custom songs as your alarm. You can also get a CAPTCHA to fix when you wake up if you’re a snooze sleeper. No doubt it is one of the best Galaxy Watch apps. However, it provides an automatic recording feature or snoring detection. You can listen to it in the morning and examine the situation.

Install: Galaxy Watch (free)


Now you can book rides with the help of Uber using your Galaxy Watch. The app acts as a companion app to your mobile. All you need to do is to authenticate your Watch once with Uber to use it to autonomously call a cab.

If you want to do this, head over to the Uber app on the Samsung Galaxy Watch. You can then set a pickup and drop location. It will make the route and provides you the required info like total estimated time and the route.

Install: Galaxy Watch (free)


Flipboard is another amazing app that is available on the Samsung Galaxy Watch. It is particularly optimized for the Watch and offers a clean layout and a user-friendly interface. It can’t omit any data thanks to the round screen of the watch and scrolling is made very easy using the rotating bezel.

Install: Galaxy Watch (free)


NPR One-Samsung Galaxy Watch Apps

NPR One becomes a more personalized app using podcasts, curated news stories, and public radio. The Samsung Galaxy Watch model brings all the amazing features to your wrist so that you can listen to your favorite shows with just a click of a button.

If you want to get the app up and running, just authenticate it by logging in on the NPR site via smartphone. The app independently runs after that and you can then enjoy the news stories without the phone.

Install/Download NPR One Galaxy Watch (free)

Camera Remote Control

This paid app enables you to capture a picture or record video from your Samsung Galaxy watch using your mobile camera. The watch behaves like a viewfinder and remote control for your mobile camera. You can also set a timer, record a video, capture a snapshot, zoom, and switch between the camera. Camera Remote Control is specifically effective when you want to capture a group photo and the camera is on a stand.

Install/Download Camera Remote Control: Galaxy Watch


SmartThings is an IoT feature turned on by Samsung. Using this app, you can easily control all the SmartThings devices in your house with the help of Galaxy Watch. You can also view the status of the washing machine, set the AC temperature, switch on the TV, etc. Also, it offers a seamless interface for SmartThings compatible devices on your home and then uses it to simplify your life.

Install SmartThings: Galaxy Watch (free)

Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser

Well, it makes little sense to browse the internet on a watch but if you want it, try the Samsung Internet browser. It works well when you have a Samsung Internet Browser installed on your mobile. You can also find web pages after using the Google Voice Assistant or choosing one of the bookmarks.


The stopwatch is an official Samsung app and it lets you use it as a, well, Stopwatch.  You can download or install it after visiting the Samsung Galaxy app store for free. The app includes an elapsed time timer or a basic lap timer. You can also record 99 elapsed times with it.

Install Stopwatch: Galaxy Watch (free)


Similar to Stopwatch, there is no timer app prebuild on Galaxy Watch either. However, the official Timer app by Samsung is minimal. It displays minutes, hours, and seconds on the screen and you can then adjust the time simply by rotating the bezel. When you start the timer, it keeps on executing in the background also if you hit the home button. You can also pause the timer simply by opening the app and it’ll then buzz when the time is up.

Spirit Level Pro

Spirit Level Pro-Samsung Galaxy Watch Apps

The Samsung Galaxy Watch comes with a prebuilt accelerometer to record your movements. Spirit Level Pro uses it as a digital leveler. The app just collects the sensor data then maps the air bubble on the scale. You can also use it to view the alignment of your DIY projects as it measures all 3 degrees of freedom which enables you that your project is leveled.

Map My Run

Map My Run is a specifically essential useful app whenever you workout outdoors. You can decide your routes when going for a run. The app uses preinstall GPS to track distance, duration, pace, speed, and heart rate. Your data is synced automatically to the companion app on the mobile, so you don’t carry it everywhere. It lets you edit your workouts, checks detailed information, plots the run on the map, and make a chart.

Install/Download Map My Run: Galaxy Watch (free)


calculator-Samsung Galaxy Watch Apps

A calculator is an important app of any mobile device with a display screen. The app takes care of your math issues by offering a basic calculator, you can also use it to instantly calculate the tip or divide the bill b/w friends without having to take out your mobile. It is probably one of the easiest and best Galaxy Watch apps.

Install/Download Calculator: Galaxy Watch (free)

Monster Vampire

Monster Vampire is another amazing arcade-style game in which you can stop the bats from escaping after blocking their path by rotating the bezel. This intuitive use of solid graphics or bezels sold this game to me. The app is free on the Galaxy app store.

 Tic Tac Toe

 Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a classic Galaxy Watch app. The app is an old school classroom game and an efficient way to kill boredom. The app also brings the digital model to the Galaxy Watch. All you need is to play a3×3 or 5×5 grid, either against the PC or another player. The Computer Mode has 3 levels of difficulty and you can install it for free.

Install/Download Tic Tac Toe: Galaxy Watch (free)

Heart Rate Widget

The Samsung Galaxy Watch comes with a preinstalled heart rate monitor. All you need is to add the widget to your home screen to examine your pulse anytime you want. Also, you set it to automatically do so at regular intervals or even continuously. The later is more essential when you are doing intense cardio or working out.

GymRun Companion

MapMyRun will only record your walks or runs but what about gym exercises or workout? GymRun is an amazing workout app that’s available on the Play Store. The app will connect to your mobile and log all data back to the smartphone. You will don’t carry your mobile around while working out now.


Some of these apps are best in their own way and deserve a good position on this list due to their usability. Camera Control also offers a wireless trigger using the preview option. Let us know which app did you like the best in the comments sections below.

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