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A Complete Review Play Mobile Games Without WiFi

Have you ever play Mobile Games without WiFi? Over the last few years, competition between major carriers in the US has finally enabled consumers to sign up for infinite data plans for Android again. Users want the extra data can depend on the plans offered directly from their carriers, rather than having to fret about their carriers charging overage fees that end in a quite expensive bill at the last of the month. While we glad the extra data plans offered by the country’s latest mobile carriers, they want two big issues. First, they’re quite expensive and can carry choke that can, unfortunately, restrict your WiFi usage speeds if you cross over some percentile of data used nationwide. Another, and probably more necessary, all the data in the world can’t resolve areas where you lose out on mobile data or WiFi connectivity.

From normal gaming experiences to something with a tough, this is the list best mobile games available without a WiFi connection. Also, you got a single-player offline experience.

Play Mobile Games without WiFi:

Here’s a list of games to play mobile games without WiFi:

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds game series is very popular. Also, it originally launched for iOS back in 2009. The game was very popular to release a whole series of merchandise, TV shorts, spin-off games, and also two animated films. However, rather than full-on console or licensed spin-off releases of the original game. Also, Angry Birds didn’t view a complete sequel launched until 2015. Well, Angry Birds 2 function a direct continuation of the latest game.

Using the original Angry Birds and some of its varied spin-offs. Also, you can play the game by releasing small birds at your prey, a series of platforms built holding pigs up that you want to destroy. After using a slingshot, you can easily shoot your birds using special powers. Also, it enables you to crush the pigs without losing lives. Angry Birds 2 modifies some things about this technique. Initially, the huge change involves how to fire the birds, to start with. Rather than of each bird being offered in a very particular order on every single level. Also, you gain a trim of the birds, enabling you to shoot the birds in any order to crush your enemy pigs. You can also increase your score and fill your “Destruct-O-Meter” to allow access to the latest special cards within the level and do eventual damage to your enemies.

Overall, it’s not a good way to execute ads and in-app purchases into the game. But the modification in gameplay is so best here that it’s complex to suggest an older Angry Birds game over this one anyway. Also, make sure you’ll want a WiFi connection the 1st time you release the game to install extra data. After that, you can depend on offline play completely.


Badland is one of those games, that are originally launched in 2013 for Android and iOS. In 2013 the game won Apple’s Game of the Year award, and it’s quite easy to view why.

In Badland, you can also play as Clony, a small black creature that makes its way across the world through flying with physics-based gameplay. The whole world is quite trippy, packed in outline and patterns, looks amazing all at once. Badland also controls using a one-touch based gesture, hitting down on the screen to raise your character(s) and launching to release them. However, you can also guide your way using a world top up with ruinous elements, scrolling gears, and terrific destructible. You can also collect power-ups along the way. It enables your character to grow, shrink, speed up, and so much more in this game.

However, the game is quite gorgeous, using some amazing 2D animation. Rather than being 4 years old, it still seems great on Android and iOS. The game costs $3.99 on iOS and totally free using ads on Android. Using the ads in our experience quite irritating. So we prefer to $3.99 in-app purchase for the full ad-free game.

Crossy Road

Most probably you never ever played Crossy Road in your life. You might play its spiritual predecessor Frogger. Frogger’s are more popular among millions of players, and Crossy Road is the latest version or the successor of that genre. Rather than the levels and scores to compete with, Crossy Road takes Frogger inspiration and merges it with the non-stop runner games that are grown in popularity on Android platforms. Also, it includes the likes of Temple Run and Subway serve.

The basic theme of Crossy Road is quite simple. All you need to do is to control a chicken crossing the road. You just need a few clicks of your finger on your Android device. The road is, undoubtfully, top-up with lots of moving cars, SUVs, and semi-trucks. The player always starts back from the starting point of the level, as with any other familiar endless runner game. The game focus on blocky 3D graphics that indicate retro aesthetics while maintaining that advanced arcade feel. As you click your way across the screen, the whole game gets more and more complex,  using the choice to unlock more than 200 latest characters and additions.

The game’s cross over fifty million downloads since launch. If you’re searching for something quite familiar, developer Hipster Whale has also created the best Pac-Man 256, an amazing version of Pac-Man, and Disney Crossy Road, taking the original Crossy Road strategy and relaunching it with licensed Disney characters.


Downwell is available on Steam, PS4, and Playstation Vita, using the game did originate directly from iOS before reaching on Android and those other platforms. However, the crossover appeal is quite obvious while searching at the platforms the game is accessible on. The game also comes from the publisher Devolver Digital. He is known for publishing games like Hotline Miami and Sam & Max on computers and consoles.

However, Downwell isn’t just an arcade-style shooter. It means it has an amazing crossover appeal. Using a tough curve, power-ups, and easy controls. Downwell also manages to be one of the best games on the list having a crossover appeal b/w the two platforms.

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