A photo taken with an iPhone 6 wins a photography award

The camera of the iPhone is one of the most popular in the world and often Apple often boasts of the incredible photographs made by their devices in the campaigns “Shot on iPhone“. Recently the company itself organized a global contest in which anyone could participate, however, the winners used Apple’s newest devices.

Using an iPhone 6 today is not very common, it is a device with more than 4 years behind them and technology, especially cameras, have improved a lot since then. Even so, the iPhone 6 and its camera have been able to win the Columbia Gorge annual photo prize.

iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 continues to show what it is worth

The award given by this non-profit association has been awarded to a photo taken with the iPhone 6 demonstrating more than ever that it is more important who and how a photo is made than the camera itself. The winning photograph was taken by Colleen Wright on September 3, 2018, using an iPhone 6 at Nick Eaton Ridge, an area devastated by fire just over a year ago.

Winning Shot

This is Colleen Wright’s description of her image:

“The clouds were on the ground the day the photo was taken. Everything was cold, wet and there was fog, it was perfect. As we approached the Nick Eaton Ridge junction with the shortcut road, the sun slowly burned through the fog, creating a magical light and enhancing the mysteries of burned and blackened trees .”

Undoubtedly it is an incredible image taken with a device like the iPhone 6 that is already some years old, which makes it more incredible. If you want to see the rest of the award-winning photographs, here are all of them.

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