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Most Useful ADB and Fastboot Comamnds (2019)

Android being the light and little partner of the Linux working framework has the shell directions running on its center contrasted with all user-accommodating tap ‘UI’.And commonly, while everything else doesn’t work, the sole survivor will be the order comfort.

ADB or Android Debug Bridge does what the name says. Also, it’s the best method to control your Android device using your PC, from transferring files to running contents. Regularly with the lovers, it’s the best way to collaborate with your device when you’ve split or destroyed something with the product (you know what I mean). It’s fundamentally the same as the Linux Commands and you have a high ground if you know about it. Be that as it may, if you’re not, don’t stress. We got everything in our store to prepare you prepped and.

Along these lines, how about we investigate the ADB directions and FastBoot Commands for Android that may have any kind of effect between minor anguish and a significant cardiovascular failure for you. (No play on words expected!)

Keep in Mind:

  • You can’t communicate with your device if you don’t have appropriate methods to interface them. That is the place the ADB drivers become possibly the most important factor. You can get them for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Regularly, your phone’s producer will give them to their site. If not, snatch from the web!
  • Next thing is, you must’ve USB debugging turned on for the ADB to work appropriately. If you’ve thought about what that was for? This is the appropriate response. ADB.

Now that we have everything required, fire up the adb utility you downloaded and connect your phone to the PC and how about we start!

The Syntax:

adb [-d|-e|-s <serialNumber>] <command>

The punctuation is the configuration you ought to adhere to when giving guidance, for the framework to remember it.

The – d, – e and – s are parameters that specify the device to which the adb shell should burrow the directions to.

  • – d – (direct) Specifies that the device is connected to USB. It can restore a blunder if more than one is connected.
  • – e — Specifies that an emulator is running and adb ought to speak with the emulator.
  • – s<serialnumber> — When there are different devices, directions are coordinated to each independently by using their adb sequential number.


  • adb devices – shows every one of the devices adb can run on
  • adb help – Displays the Help Documentation on ADB directions.
  • adb install <path_to_apk> – Installs the apk file at the specified area.
  • adb pull <device> <local> – Copies a file from the device to your framework.
  • adb push <local> <device> – Copies a file from your framework to the device.
  • adb logcat – Displays the log information onto the screen.
  • adb bugreport – Displays the dumpsys, dumpstate and logcat information on the screen.
  • adb jdwp – Lists the JDWP forms on the device.
  • adb get-serialno – Prints the adb occurrence sequential number string with the devices.
  • adb get-state – Shows the status of the device.
  • adb sit tight for-device – It’s a direction used to program delay before the next order is given. By and large, it executes when the device is on the web yet it tends to be customized to hold up till another procedure is finished. Like, installing an apk.
  • adb start-server – It starts the adb server process.
  • adb murder server – It stops the adb server process.
  • adb shell – It starts the remote shell order reassure in the device and lets you control the device through it.
  • adb shell [shellcommand] – It’s used for an occasion alone on the off chance that a specific order alone is required. After the execution, the shell ends itself.
  • forward <local> <device> – Forwards the attachment connections from framework ports to device. It tends to be used with different tasks, for example, tcp and jdwp.
  • ppp <tty> [parmeters] – These permit PPP over USB connection. They are sequential line burrowing administrations. If you don’t have the foggiest idea what they do, don’t mess around!

ADB and FastBoot Commands for Android:

There are ways you can kill your phone on and without contacting the power button. What’s more, that is the intensity of ADB. Flashboot is another device that can be used to do a ton of basic activities just from the order comfort. You can dispatch the flash boot as an application or from the adb program shell itself.

  • adb reboot-bootloader – This order can take you legitimately to the bootloader, which generally would’ve have headed to the edge with bulky key blends and stuff.
  • adb reboot-recovery – This order like the past one, can spare you a great deal of time to get into recovery mode rapidly. Rather than the horrendous experimentation methods of equipment keys.
  • adb fastboot – This enables the quick boot method of your android device. You can see how soon the phone starts up all prepared for you to use in this direction. It’s likewise an extraordinary method to flash custom updates, recovery and bits.
  • fastboot flash <xxxxx>.zip – It can flash a .compress file when in fastboot mode.
  • fastboot flash recovery <xxxx.img> – It flashes a recovery picture.
  • fastboot flash boot <xxxx.img> – Flashes a portion picture.
  • fastboot getvar cid – Displays CID of the device.
  • fastboot delete framework/information/reserve – It wipes your framework, information, and store. In any case, be careful that except if you have a backup for the framework or you’ll flash another one, your phone is in the same class as a block.
  • fastboot flash framework/information/reserve [system/store/information .img] – It can flash pictures of framework, information and store to the device.
  • fastboot oem get_identifier_token – Generates the device identification token.
  • fastboot oem flash Unlock_code.bin – Unlocks the bootloader.
  • fastboot oem lock – Locks the bootloader.

In this way, with all that stated, it basically covers each ADB and FastBoot Commands for Android. Be that as it may, messing around with adb can genuinely block your device and we are not liable for any such occasions. Do the examination, yet make certain about what you’re doing. ?

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