AirPods 2: everything that has changed with respect to the first generation

Apple announced a few hours ago the second generation of popular AirPods, according to studies, the most popular wireless headphones in the world. This new generation maintains an identical design introducing some improvements, we have been far from what the rumors predicted but even so it is an upgrades headphones that were already very good in themselves.

Apple has very little competition in this market and perhaps for that reason, it is reserving some breakthrough feature for the future. Apple has not named them AirPods 2 and their official name is second-generation AirPods. Is it worth buying them if you already have AirPods? Is it better to buy the AirPods 2 or the first generation Airpods? We will try to solve your doubts.

Apple second-generation AirPods

AirPods 2 vs AirPods 1

The design of both generations of AirPods is exactly the same, same dimensions and same white color. But internally we have interesting developments. Apple now sells two types of AirPods, some with the normal case and others with one with wireless charging, but the headphones are identical in both cases.

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All the news of the AirPods 2:

  • Chip H1. The AirPods had the famous Apple W1 chip, a processor designed exclusively for this type of device. This processor has been updated to the new H1 chip that “features a custom sound architecture that offers a revolutionary music experience and streamlines synchronization .” In addition, this H1 chip gives AirPods 2 the ability to connect to devices twice as fast.
  • Greater autonomy. The H1 chip provides a great advantage in terms of battery savings and according to Apple, we will have 50% more talk time with respect to the first generation AirPods.
  • “Hey, Siri.” A function that we have seen filtered many times and that can be very useful in a device such as AirPods. Increasing or decreasing the volume and changing the song will be much easier. In the first generation, we had to assign Siri to the double click of an AirPod.
  • Wireless charging. The new AirPods are available with the standard charging case or the new wireless charging case. It is certainly a good option to charge AirPods more easily, although it will be a little more expensive.
  • Custom case. Now Apple allows us to add a free engraving in the box of AirPods, perfect for a gift or to differentiate them. It’s not something new, we’ve been seeing it on devices for years and the Apple Pencil 2 also allows this option.

The new AirPods are available for the same 179 euros that cost the first generation. If we want the case with wireless charging we will have to pay something else since these cost 229 euros. If we want the new case with wireless charging, compatible with the first generation AirPods, we can buy it for 89 euros.

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If you have the original AirPods, you probably do not need to make the jump to this new generation. Unless the battery no longer lasts what it was originally. If you have never had one, these second-generation Airpods are a safe recommendation, wireless charging, however, is something more personal.

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