Apple will launch a “completely wireless” Beats next month

Recently, Apple has presented a new version of its AirPods in the week before its big presentation in March. This keynote would be entirely dedicated to the launch of the new services that the company has prepared, and much of the time it would take the video service of the company, which would be ready for its great moment. For this reason, the company has been dropping its new products throughout the week we are going to finish.

However, it seems that some details are still being reserved for the coming months. Specifically, Beats could be about to launch a new version of its PowerBeats, which this time would be more similar to AirPods with the elimination of the cable that connected their previous versions. This update, like the rest of the products on the line, would be designed for more sporting use, providing greater security than Apple headphones.


According to 9to5Mac information, this launch would be scheduled for next April, following the same procedure that Apple has used during this week, which consists of publishing a press release and announcing its official availability. Like the AirPods, the new PowerBeats would have the new H1 chip, improving its autonomy and allowing the use of voice activation through the classic “Oye Siri” command.

As for prices, the headphones would be maintained with prices similar to those already available in the other models of the line. In the case of Spain, we can currently find PowerBeats 3 for a price of 199.95 euros, which allows us to get an idea of what could cost the new headphones. In any case, we will have to wait a month to be able to know the veracity of these rumors.


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