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alternative to hulu

It’s no doubt that the trend of video streaming sites and also apps was high. This is why we now have hundreds of video streaming services on the internet as well. Some famous video streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, NetFlix, etc., let you watch endless video content hours. In this article, we are going to talk about The Best Alternative to Hulu You can Watch. Let’s begin!

Although Netflix is right now the best video streaming platform, and it still doesn’t really have an on-demand and Live TV feature. Another best media streaming platform, Hulu, just solves this problem. For those who don’t know, Hulu is a famous website that offers TV shows and movies.

Hulu can be used for free, however, with a limited content selection. Hulu does have premium plans. However, they are expensive than most of its alternatives. Also, Hulu is also available only for US users, and you can’t use it without even a VPN. Considering the high price and unavailability in major regions, and it makes sense to look for its alternatives as well.

Use a VPN | alternative to hulu

No matter how careful you guys are on the internet, there’s always the chance someone is actually watching you. ISPs can monitor and sell your activity logs, government agencies can also track downloads, and hackers can steal personal information, all without your knowledge a well. Whenever you dive into the alternative video streaming world, you also increase your risk factor considerably.

Fortunately, it’s easy to keep your identity and activity safe online, and via a good virtual private network is the best way to do it. VPNs encrypt each and every packet of data that leaves your device. That makes it impossible for third parties in order to view their contents or their destination. ISPs can’t tell what you guys are streaming, and hackers can’t discover your location. Along with a VPN, you can stay hidden while unlocking a ton of extra benefits. Also, including region-free videos on your favorite Hulu alternative.

NordVPN | alternative to hulu

NordVPN is actually the most robust VPN solution on the market. That offers one of the largest networks numbering up to 5,800 servers in 59 countries and counting. Then you’ll have access to tens of thousands of spoofable IP addresses. That also let you get past geoblocks and access international content libraries for Hulu, Netflix, and many others as well.

Of course, streaming sites are notorious for blocking proxy traffic, however, NordVPN has you covered. Along with 256-bit AES encryption through NordLynx, coupled along with the special SmartPlay feature. That auto-configures DNS settings to help disguise your VPN traffic as well. It works just like a charm, and doesn’t slow you down like VPNs of the past might have. Even if you stream in HD or 4K, NordVPN’s network is just equal to the task.


Stream in peace knowing your VPN never keeps logs of your activity as well. And with DNS leak protection plus an automatic kill switch, then you can count on nary a single data packet. That escaping unencrypted in order to betray your activity to snooping ISPs just waiting to throttle your fun as well.

The Best Alternative to Hulu You can Watch

There’s no shortage of apps and websites that also take a stab at replacing services such as Hulu. Many of them skirt copyright laws or are downright illegal, but, not to mention the poor quality and spotty availability that you’re likely to encounter. Paid subscription services mostly provide faster and more convenient services. Especially when you want to replace Hulu entirely actaully. Below are a few of the best low-cost alternatives to Hulu that will also help you get your TV and movie streaming fix.


The king of online streaming is also a constant competitor for the TV giant Hulu. Netflix has been around longer, has a larger variety of movies, and delivers arguably better original productions as well. Comparing the catalogs shows that both services have also their fair share of hits. However, Netflix tends to keep a better selection of movies on hand. You guys can’t get new release TV episodes, that is a really big drawback, but entire series are still archived here for easy binge-watching.

Netflix wins major points for being available in countries around the globe. Hulu is limited to the U.S. and Japan, however, Netflix is all over. This means that you won’t have to resort to VPNs or shady proxy services just to watch a movie, then you can simply fire up the app or website and start streaming. The price point is also about the same as Hulu, and Netflix doesn’t really charge extra for delivering videos without even ads.

The Hulu vs Netflix debate doesn’t really have a simple answer. If you enjoy Netflix’s originals and lean more towards movies than TV shows, and it’s obviously the better choice for you as well. No matter how you guys cut it, Netflix is a competent Hulu alternative that will also keep you nice and entertained.


HBO Now is another really good Hulu alternative as well. You guys might be able to watch shows such as Game of Thrones with Hulu’s live TV package, however, you won’t be able to catch past seasons. With HBO Now, you can also watch all of your favorite seasons of shows that are airing and have already aired, if that be Westworld, Game of Thrones, or something else. HBO is mostly a maker of excellent content, and more often than not. That content stays on HBO, never making its way in order to services such as Netflix. That’s why HBO Now is so nice — you can watch all of those favorite shows as well. That you’re looking forward to and ones that you guys might’ve missed out on.

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon launched an instant video streaming service in 2006 along with the goal of competing with Netflix and Hulu in the on-demand TV market. The service actually combines a movie store with a lot of free films and series up for grabs. Each and everything from new content to classics, all available at the click of a button. Along with Amazon Video you can also rent new releases for a small fee, comparable to Apple TV or Google Play rentals as well. Free movies are limited to Amazon Prime members, that is unfortunate. However, if you’re able to spring for this extra, it also makes Instant Video a hearty alternative to Hulu.

alternative to hulu

One limiting factor along with Amazon Prime Video is you can’t watch new release TV episodes without even buying them individually. This is one of Hulu’s major draws, however, Amazon just can’t compete with it. Instant’s availability is also greater than Hulu, also recently launching in countries. Such as Canada and India with many more scheduled for the near future actually.

Amazon Prime Instant Video does a really pretty good job replicating the Hulu experience. Along with a few perks of its own. You’ll miss out on free cutting-edge TV releases, however, the original programs and movie selection more than makes up for it as well.


One thing Hulu is well-known for is its great selection of anime actually. It’s kind of random the U.S.-based TV service has so much Japanese content in order to choose from, but we’re certainly not complaining. In spite of Hulu’s large catalog of anime movies and series, then you still won’t find an exhaustive collection of content. Crunchyroll, on the other hand, is also made for anime fans who are serious about their hobby as well.

Crunchyroll has up to 25,000 episodes of anime, animated movies, and Asian dramas. Each and everything from Naruto to Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, Hunter X Hunter, and much more. The service is available on an impressive number of devices and in plenty of regions, all in HD and DVD quality along with no ads.

Hulu Alternatives – Kodi Add-ons | alternative to hulu

The open-source Kodi software is designed as a media center first, also a streaming app second. Its developer-friendly nature has permitted hundreds of unofficial add-ons in order to come into existence. But, turning the somewhat ordinary platform into a central hub for all the things entertaining. Kodi and a few add-ons are arguably the best Hulu alternative ever made too.

UK Turk and Bennu

In spite of all the shutdowns and mysterious source disappearances over the last few years. A few Kodi add-ons have been managed in order to weather the storm. Two of these are UK Turk and Bennu, each of which gives a stellar list of free TV and movie streaming sources from around the globe. No region restrictions, no paywalls, and no crummy video quality, and just loads of working links and an endless supply of content as well. We’ve outlined the whole installation process for both UK Turk and also Bennu in our article Best Kodi Add-ons for TV Shows. Just follow it and you’ll have the best alternative to Hulu you could ever imagine.

cCloud TV

Whenever selection variety, price, and all over the world availability are Kodi’s strong suits, reliability and video quality are two of its drawbacks. It all relies on the add-on you install, really, that means finding the right content is extremely important. cCloud TV is not only a great alternative to Hulu, and it’s also an impressive streaming product on its own. With the add-on means gaining access to a huge number of channels from around the globe, all for free.

Free Alternatives to Hulu


Crackle is a free online video streaming service backed via Sony. You guys can watch movies and other video content for free, however, it includes commercials. If you want to remove ads, then you can use ad blocker extensions. Crackle is best for those trying to cut costs, however, still want to catch their favorite shows and movies. All of the video contents were uploaded in HD quality. And it’s one of the best free Hulu alternatives that you can also visit right now.

Popcorn Time

The on-again, off-again movie streaming service Popcorn Time also has had a rough life. The website keeps getting shut down via copyright holders. However, each time this happens, Popcorn Time reappears under a new URL along with even more content. Some streaming services just can’t be stopped actually! Popcorn Time focuses almost exclusively on big-name movies and Hollywood features so that you won’t find many TV shows or classic films here. Rather than a limited catalog such as Hulu and Netflix, you’ll be able to check out every new release imaginable, all along with just a few clicks.


Putlocker also has a rough reputation in the online world. In spite of this, it has somehow managed to survive for years, changing URLs and shuffling its content on a regular basis actually. Putlocker works as an index to content sources from around the web, and letting anyone stop by, browse for a movie or TV show. And also start streaming. Nothing is specifically hosted on the front-end, that can lead to broken links and poor quality films. However, if a show or movie does work, it’s as easy and straightforward as can be as well.


The underdog of the TV streaming services, Pluto.TV aims to give each and everything from sports to live news on a wide variety of devices, all for free. You can connect to the service via most streaming devices, also including Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV Stick. Then browse through up to 100 free channels of content. Free movies, free TV shows, and free sports, all without any kind of contract or fees as well. It doesn’t have nearly the catalogue that Hulu does, however, there’s no shortage of entertainment options, and that’s for sure


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