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How Do I Play Space Engineers on Linux

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Space Engineers is basically a voxel-based sandbox game that takes place in space. In it, the player can mine for resources, create bases, also explore, etc. In this article, we are going to talk about How Do I Play Space Engineers on Linux. Let’s begin!

How Do I Play Space Engineers on Linux

Space Engineers basically works on Linux, and you’ll be able to play it. But, it only works with the power of Proton, included in the Linux release of Steam as well. For this reason, we’ll have to go over how you can install the Steam application beforehand.

What is Space Engineers?

Space Engineers is basically a block-based, sandbox-style game that simulates space and focuses on surviving this terrestrial environment via constructing, engineering, maintaining, and also designing space stations, ships, and parts as well. Players in the game use their skills in order to solve problems on many planets or spaces. Since 2013, PC players have been reconstructing space ship parts, also zooming around space and deconstructing space ships via SE actually.

Pros and Cons of the Game for Future Aerospace Engineers?

SE is a fun game in order to play for entertainment purposes. However, it also offers some advantages and disadvantages that aspiring engineers and those studying mechanical engineering should consider:

  • A place to practice creativity and problem-solving. SE provides you the advantage of using a variety of skills, including creative and problem-solving skills. Creative skills are especially important for future mechanical engineers that are looking to work in the aerospace industry. Because you’ll have to build and design complex equipment or machinery. Aerospace engineers and mechanical engineers alike also need critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills to troubleshoot issues along with machinery, equipment, and aircraft. SE gives these opportunities along with the option to play in the Creative Mode. There you can freely build and design ships. You can also use the Survival Mode, and where your need for finding resources needs leveraging planning and problem-solving skills.
  • Multiplayer mode. The game also provides you a way in order to connect with members of the mechanical engineering community and aspiring aerospace engineers thanks to its multiplayer mode. Further, its diverse community and developer support that make it easier to solve problems and play or modify the game.
  • Flexible learning options. If you guys want to get used to the mechanics in the game, then you can start playing via selecting the Easy Start Space mode whenever starting a new game. This mode makes it simple for you in order to get familiar with common tasks you’ll complete in the game, such as designing a ship. However, if you’re looking for a more cinematic, interactive experience. Then the First Jump tutorial is an ideal option for learning SE basics. As a sandbox-style game, you can also build worlds with virtually no limitations.
  • Optimization shortfalls. When this game offers many advantages, it’s not without its shortcomings, also including a lack of optimization. But, the game often improves with each and every weekly update.

Install Steam

In order to start the installation of Steam on your Linux PC, then open up a terminal window. To open up a terminal window, just tap on Ctrl + Alt + T on the keyboard. Or, search for “Terminal” in the app menu and then open it up that way.

When the terminal window is open and ready to use, just follow along with the installation instructions down below. That corresponds along with the Linux operating system you currently use.


On Ubuntu, you’ll be able to install the Steam application via using the Apt command below.

sudo apt install steam


On Debian Linux, the Steam app is installable through a downloadable DEB package on your PC. In order to download the Steam DEB package on your computer, then just use the wget downloader tool in order to grab it.


After downloading the latest Steam DEB package to your Debian Linux PC, and the installation of Steam can begin. With the dpkg command below, you’ll be able to get the Steam app working as well.

sudo dpkg -i steam.deb

Along with the Steam DEB package installed on your computer, then you’ll have to execute the apt-get install -f command below in order to correct any dependency issues. That may have arisen during the installation as well.

sudo apt-get install -f

Arch Linux

On Arch Linux, the Steam app is easily installable along with the following Pacman command.

sudo pacman -S steam


On both Fedora and OpenSUSE Linux, Steam can actually be installed through the official software sources. But, the Flatpak release of Steam works much better on these distributions, and for that reason, we actually recommend installing it instead.


In order to get the Steam app working on Steam, the first thing you must do is turn on the Flatpak runtime on your computer. After setting up the Flatpak runtime on your computer, you guys must set up the Flathub app store. In order to set up the Flathub app store, then make use of the following remote-add command below. This step is critical, as, without even it, Steam cannot be installed actually.

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

Now that the Flathub app store is set up, and the Steam application can be installed. With the command below, install Steam as well.

flatpak install flathub com.valvesoftware.Steam

Install Space Engineers on Linux

Along with Steam installed, open up the app and log into your account along with your user credentials. After that, just follow along with the step-by-step instructions below in order to get Space Engineers working on Linux.

  • First, open up Steam and tap on the “Steam” menu. From there, choose the “Settings” option in order to access the Steam settings area. From there, you have to find the “Steam Play” area.

Inside of the Steam Play area, just check both “Enable Steam Play for supported titles” and also “Enable Steam Play for all other titles.” Then, just tap on the “OK” button in order to apply the changes to Steam.

  • Find the “STORE” button and tap on it with the mouse. Then, click on the search box along with the mouse. Inside the search box, type out “Space Engineers” and tap on the Enter key in order to view the results.

Look through the search results for “Space Engineers” and then tap on it to view its store page. Then, find the green “Add to cart” button in order to purchase and add the game to your account.

  • Open up a terminal window actually. When the terminal window is open, You will have it in order to get Space Engineers working.


After installing Space Engineers, just do the following. First, and tap on the green “PLAY” button in order to start the game. Do not worry if it doesn’t really open correctly. Whenever the game has launched, close it. Then, just head to the terminal and execute the following command.

protontricks --gui

Now select “Space Engineers” in the Protontricks GUI. Then, and choose “dotnet48” and install it. Then, reboot your PC as well.

  • After rebooting your PC, and re-launch Steam and click on the green “PLAY” button a second time. As Protontricks has installed dotnet48, and then it should run correctly! Enjoy!


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

Have a Great Day!

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