Best Alternatives to Speedtest to Measure Internet Speed

Alternatives to Speedtest

Well, is normally used to test the speed of the internet connection. It can be especially used whenever you are using public wifi, in order to check the speed. It sends data to a direct TCP socket and tests the connection, rather than sending data over HTTP. In this article, we are going to talk about Best Alternatives to Speedtest to Measure Internet Speed. Let’s begin!

This service is a free web service that is available on multiple platforms. Even though it is one of the most used tools via many users, there are some drawbacks of the service like it has more annoying heavy graphics too.

And also the test locations are mainly available in Europe and North America. So, if you want to check out the speed of your Internet connection, then is not the only one to use, there are a lot of other tools available easily for free.

Best Alternatives to Speedtest to Measure Internet Speed

Below are some of the most reputed websites in order to check your internet downloading, uploading, and latency. In addition, you can also check your ping server, internet service provider, and origin as well.

Before enjoying the high-def and 4K content from Netflix you have to make sure that you have a decent download speed of your internet connection. And Netflix has provided a really simple tool to allow you to test your internet connection quality (download speed specifically). The tool is actually is one of the Speedtest alternatives that comes with a really simple interface and it’s a bit impatient. The tool will immediately measure the download speed of your internet connection when the site is fully loaded. You don’t have to tap on any button to start testing. Because the intention of this tool is to help you test the download speed to enjoy the Netflix content. It gives no information about the upload speed. You guys will only see a giant number showing the Mbps of your download speed, along with a retest button.


SpeedOf.Me is a really good tool that I would recommend via as an alternative to SpeedTest for logging your test results. It’s really easy to use, although it also has some ads cluttering the sides of the screen.

SpeedOf.Me will also show you your download and then upload speeds at the same time. They will also show you latency data, your IP address, and also the server used in the test.

One thing that I loved about SpeedOf.Me is the History tab. There, you guys can see a graph showing all of your past results. This will help you get an overview of how your speed also has improved (or gotten worse) over time as well.

Website: | Alternatives to Speedtest

Test My Net, or, is a really great alternative to Speed Test. They don’t really host their servers close to ISP networks. Rather, they host their servers close to areas where famous websites are hosted.

Due to this, it makes it easier to test the speed differences between different browsers on your PC. Because it uses only your browser, speed differences will be because of browser misconfigurations as opposed to factors stemming from third-party applications.

One thing that I liked about is that in addition to providing you with your own internet speed in Mbps. They provide a bar chart showing you your speed compared to your host average as well. Your city average, your country average, and the global average.

This helps you guys get an idea of whether a slow internet problem is just because of the city you are in. Or sue to the specific service provider you are using. Some cities around the globe tend to have slower speeds in general. But, you may also find that your speed is 20 percent slower than the city average as well.



nPerf app is also available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and also Windows devices to test your mobile data as well as Wi-Fi connection quality. It is actually one of the best ways of testing the Internet connection within a few seconds. First, this app also checks the speed of the greatest transfer and downloads of your Internet. After this, it will also check the persuing speed such as how quickly the webpages like Google and Facebook are opened as well.

nPerf app does not collect any private data since it only collects geo-localized statistics. These statistics data that is collected is used to characterize the operator networks. The data which is collected via this app are geo-localization, network information, device type and also model, tests measurements, and much more.

Website: (Download App)

Speakeasy Speed Test | Alternatives to Speedtest

It is basically an HTML5, non-flash bandwidth test that checks the download and also upload speed of your browser. Speakeasy uses HTML5 technology in order to check the speed. Further, it also checks the line quality of the connection that actually comes from your broadband provider. Both the upload and download speed tests are measured in Mbps as well.

The Speakeasy test also has a number of servers, however, all of them are located in the USA. I liked that you can choose which server to use as well. The tool will automatically assign a server based on the city you are in, however, you can choose a different server if you want.

Another reason the Speakeasy tool is good is that it will provide you with your results history without even requiring you to sign up. That makes it a really great alternative to SpeedTest.


Bandwidth Place

Firstly, Bandwidth Place will basically send a packet request to the selected server via a PING tool. Server selection is either done via the lowest available ping or using particular locations and servers. That permits you to see how distance alters your latency and speeds as well. Bandwidth Place then will also calculate the responses time between the selected server and your machine and shows the results in an odometer-like display as well. The results basically contain three elements: download speed, upload speed, and also responses time.

In order to see the more detailed information about the results you can tap on the My Result button. You guys can also export the detailed information to a CSV file for a further process. Bandwidth Place itself is an HTML5-based tool as well. This tool also has been around for years since 2002. One of the interesting things about this tool is that it also has a history feature to turn on you to compare the internet speed of your ISP from day to day.

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