An exhaustive analysis shows that the cost of the iPhone XS Max for Apple is $453

From an analytical company called TechInsights have made an in-depth study on what is the exact cost of manufacturing Apple’s iPhone XS Max. The study has revealed that Apple costs $ 453 to manufacture each unit of this iPhone model.

Of course, as we always indicated in this class of articles, it is worth mentioning that we are talking about the cost of manufacturing a smartphone. But this cost does not include other very high costs of engineering, design, R & D, marketing, employees and a long etcetera.

cost of the iPhone

Be that as it may, it is always interesting to know exactly how much some of the most important hardware components of the iPhone cost, in this case, the iPhone XS Max; as for example, your screen, your battery or your cameras.

This is the cost of each of the hardware components of the iPhone XS Max

The analysis of TechInsights shows us how the most expensive component of the iPhone XS Max, as you might guess, is its screen. The 6.5-inch OLED screen of the latest generation smartphone costs $ 90.50. While, on the other hand, the 5.8-inch screen of the iPhone X cost $77.27.

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It is important to add that the analysis belongs to an iPhone XS Max of 256 GB of storage capacity. That is, the intermediate model (1,429 euros).

  • Processor and modem applications: $72
  • Battery: $9
  • Connectivity and sensors: $18
  • Cameras: $44
  • Display: $90.50
  • Memory: $64.50
  • Mixed-signal and RF: $23
  • Energy and audio management: $14.50
  • Other electronic: $35
  • Mechanisms and covers: $58
  • Test, assembly, and materials: $24.50
  • Total: $453

Both the size and the characteristics of the screen are some of the most important aspects for most consumers. And there is no doubt that the $ 90 screen of the iPhone XS Max is a real wonder. What hardware component has caught your attention because of its cost?

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