Android TV vs Roku TV – Which One is Better

Android TV vs Roku TV

Well, Android TV and Roku TV fundamentally do the same thing, however, their usage would differ according to the users. Roku TV is much more suitable for people along with no prior technical knowledge. On the other hand, Android TV is actually a better choice for avid gamers and heavy users. In this article, we are going to take about Android TV vs Roku TV – Which One is Better. Let’s begin!

So, if you guys are looking for a comparison: Android TV vs. Roku TV, you guys are at the right place. We bring to you this guide that gives an elaborate discussion. In order to help you understand the difference between Android TV and Roku TV. Let us now talk about each and every feature in detail.

Android TV vs Roku TV – Which One is Better

To start with Roku, you will need to purchase the Roku device. But, keep in mind that now Roku also has Roku TV displays along with an integrated Roku system actually. Roku is sold via the world’s most known retailers like Target, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and many others.

When you get the Roku device, you need to follow a couple of steps to prepare it for use on your TV. This mostly includes connecting the Roku device through an HDMI cable to the TV. Well, connecting it to the USB (for power), and then following on-screen steps to finish setting up the Roku first use. It’s just that simple, and it won’t take you longer than 10 minutes to get it working.

To start with the Android TV, you guys will have to research and find a TV that meets your demands, needs, and also specifications. But, you will also have to pay attention that the TV comes by default along with the Android operating system.

It’s really useful that you check the Android version and see if the TV can get the latest Android updates. Whenever you find the perfect TV, all that you guys have to do is unpack it, set it up, and then get to know all the integrated features you guys can put to use.

User Interface

Roku TV

  • It is actually a hardware digital media platform offering access to streaming media content from many online sources. With the help of the internet, you guys can now watch free and paid video content on your television without even the need for a cable. Many applications can be used for the same, Roku being one of them.
  • This is a really fantastic invention that is efficient & durable. Plus, it is really affordable, even for the average smart TV consumer.
  • The User Interface of Roku is really simple, and even first-time users can also operate it easily. Thus, it is perfect for people who are not tech-savvy.
  • All the channels you guys have installed will be depicted on the home screen. This is an added benefit since it just makes it easy to use.

Android TV

  • The user interface of Android TV is just dynamic and customized, which is actually well suited for intensive users.
  • It uses the Android operating system in order to access Google Play Store. You can just install all the required apps from the Play Store and then access them on your Android TV.
  • You guys can seamlessly connect your Android TV to your Android smartphone and enjoy using it. This is a really unique feature offered via this smart TV since both devices work on the same platform.
  • In order to make the surfing experience more accessible, Android TV comes preinstalled with Google Chrome. Plus, you can access Google Assistant, which acts as your personal guide. This is where Android TV fares better than Roku TV and also Smart TV.

Voice Control | Android TV vs Roku TV

Roku TV

Roku also supports both Alexa and Google Assistant. But, you will not be able to utilize all the features of Google Assistant. You can access weather conditions or your calendar, however, no full-fledged Google Assistant support will be available.

Android TV

As discussed earlier, you can also enjoy all the features of Google Assistant and Google Chrome on Android TV. In terms of voice search and internet surfing, Android TV basically wins the game with a great margin over all others.


Roku TV

Roku TV is also updated more frequently than Android TV. Hence, Roku TV features and channel extensions are revised and updated each and every time you install an update. But, when you opt for an automatic update in Roku TV, then there is a really high probability that a bug may intrude into your system. However, you won’t even be able to use your Roku TV until the bug issue is fixed.

Go for a restart process when you guys are stuck with this problem. Here is how you can do it. The restart process of Roku is just the same as that of a computer. Rebooting the system via switching from ON to OFF & then turning ON again would help resolve minor issues along with your Roku device.

Note: Except for Roku TVs and Roku 4, all other versions of Roku do not really have an ON/OFF switch.

Just follow the below-mentioned steps to restart your Roku device via the remote:

  • Just choose System via pressing on the Home Screen.
  • Then search for System restart and select it.
  • Select Restart as shown below. It will then confirm restart to turn your Roku player off and then on again.

Android TV vs Roku TV

  • Roku will then turn OFF. Wait till it powers ON.
  • Head to the Home page and check if the glitches are resolving.

Android TV

The steps to update Android TV differ from model to model as well. However, you can make sure regular updates for your TV via enabling the Auto-update feature on your TV.

We have also explained the steps for Samsung Smart TV, however, they may vary for other models.

  • Tap on the Home/Source button on the Android TV remote too.
  • Now navigate to Settings > Support > Software Update.
  • Then, select the Auto-Update feature ON to let your device update Android OS automatically.
  • Just like that, you can choose the Update now option to search for & install updates.

Gaming | Android TV vs Roku TV

Roku TV

Roku Android TV box was really not developed while keeping gaming features in mind. So, you guys can enjoy regular snake games as well as Minesweeper on your Roku TV. However, you can’t play highly advanced, graphical games on it.

To be straightforward, Roku TV is not for gamers actually!

Android TV

As discussed earlier, you can also enjoy a variety of games on Android TV. Although, you have to buy an NVIDIA Shield TV. Then, you guys can enjoy playing as much as your heart desires.

Bluetooth Support

Roku TV

  • You can connect Bluetooth along with your Roku TV, but not all devices will comply. Only a limited number of Roku devices can be linked through Bluetooth, as listed below:
    • Roku Ultra model 4800.
    • Roku Smart Soundbar.
    • Also, Roku TV (with wireless speakers edition)
    • Roku Streambar.
  • You can enjoy listening to Bluetooth along with the help of a Roku mobile application called Mobile Private Listening. You can do this when you enable the Mobile Private Listening feature via connecting your Bluetooth speaker with your mobile.

Android TV

You can enjoy listening to songs or streaming audio via pairing your Android TV with Bluetooth. In terms of Bluetooth support, Android TV is a really better choice when compared to Roku TV, as it is hassle-free actually.

Chromecast Support

Roku TV

Roku TV does not really give extended access for Chromecast support. However, you can try the alternate option called screen mirroring on Roku TV.

Android TV

Android TV also offers extended support in order to Chromecast support as a built-in feature. Also, there is no need to pay for an extended Chromecast dongle to turn this feature on.


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