Apple cancels its AirPower charging base

After many rumors of launching later this March, Apple has canceled its wireless charging base AirPower as reported from The problems to offer a product at the height of Apple seem to be responsible for this cancellation.

The cancellation of the AirPower base is something that was rumored over the past year but the company never came to pronounce, now amid rumors about its release we find this news. The AirPower base was capable of charging up to 3 Apple devices at once, but we will never see it again.

Apple cancels its AirPower charging base

The AirPower base has died

As stated by one of the most important people within Apple, Dan Riccio Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering, Apple has not managed to achieve the quality standards that should for one of its devices and are forced to cancel the AirPower base.

” After much effort, we canceled AirPower after not meeting our high standards and canceled the project. We apologize to those customers who were waiting for this release. We continue to believe that the future is wireless and we are committed to driving the mobile experience ”

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After a year of delay, Apple has not achieved what it promised and has decided to cancel the project, something that has not happened in recent years and that is certainly a defeat for the company. It seemed clear that after a year of delay there was something that did not fit and Apple has not been able to solve it.

Before trying to take a product halfway, they have dedicated to finishing the project of the AirPower base, although who knows if in the future they will return with a similar idea. The AirPower base was not like the rest we can find, it was able to identify each device and send information in real time to the iPhone about the state of charge. A pity because we will never see it.

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