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How to make a backup in iTunes with MacX MediaTrans

If you are thinking about updating iOS, making a backup of your data or changing your device and want to pass the information from old to new, the easiest way to achieve this is through the MacX MediaTrans program.

With this tool, you can forget about iTunes and you will manage in a much faster and easier way all the data that you can have in your iOS devices, make backup copies or any other movement that you want.

In addition, MacX MediaTrans will allow you to do all the tasks in a much faster and easier way, without having any type of limitation in the options of the applications that have the devices of this brand.

How to make a backup in iTunes with MacX MediaTrans

But before discussing the steps to achieve this task with this software, we want to invite you to participate in the draw for World Backup Day with MacX MediaTrans, this is a very simple way to have this tool for free and to protect all your data.

What can you do with MacX MediaTrans?

  • This is a software that will allow you to pass photographs, videos, contacts, music or any other content of your iPhone device to your Mac, without problems.
  • You can make the selection of the files that you want to transfer from one device to another, that is, you will not have to do it only en masse.
  • On the other hand, you will avoid all the limitations of iTunes, one of the most annoying for many users is that the iPhone can only be synchronized with a single computer and you can not play a content because you do not have the formats.
  • The software MacX MediaTrans will be responsible for making an automatic change of format so that it is compatible with all devices with the Apple operating system.

How does MacX MediaTrans work?

This is one of the best tools to transfer photos, music, and videos that you have on your iOS devices for your Mac. One of the great advantages is that it is a very fast and versatile software which automatically makes it one of the better alternatives for iTunes.

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Its operation is based on a series of steps to achieve the transfer of contents from one place to another without problems.

  1.  The first thing you should do is open the application and connect the device to your computer thanks to the USB cable (it can be an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod Touch).
  2. Then, in the main menu of the MacX MediaTrans software, you must select the “Photo Transfer” section.
  3.  From there you can select the photos you want to pass to your computer (all or just the ones you want) and you can filter it through the folders or the dates that will be located on the screen.
  4.  Once you have made the selection of photos, videos or files, you must press the Export button, you can also drag all the images to a folder on the computer or transfer them to a storage device such as a hard disk or a USB key.

And that’s it, it’s as simple as you can have the photos on your computer without the need to use macOS applications like Photos or iTunes; You can also select in a visual way the photographs, videos or any file you want to save on your computer or another device.


It is very important that we remind you that this is a tool that will run smoothly on any computer. However, its operation with Mac is much better. Also the data from iOS to Mac are transferred in a much faster and more intuitive way.

Finally, remember that the transfer of information is a delicate operation so you should not disconnect the device while this process is being done and only do it when it is completely finished.

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