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Apple Card begins to be Distributed to Beta Program Employees

After announcing the Apple Card, Apple ‘s credit card in partnership with Goldman Sachs Bank, we learned that the first to try out the services would be Apple’s own employees through an exclusive testing program. Apparently, the first cards have already begun to be distributed over the weekend, as Ben Geskin discovered.

The designer – who has a history of positive Apple leaks – posted last Saturday that a bunch of Apple employees would be getting their cards as part of a semi-private program. Geskin also posted images of the supposed initial version of the card, modifying it with his name for obvious privacy purposes.

The Apple Card comes in a slim, vibrant color package that includes an NFC tag1 hidden to quickly activate it by the iPhone (it is worth noting, however, that the card itself does not have the same chip – that is, it does not have the technology for contactless payments, this is with the iPhone).

In this sense, it is enough for the user to open the Wallet app on the iPhone and bring it closer to the card (such as the AirPods and Apple Watch) so that the data is synchronized; this will associate the digital credit card already configured with the physical card.

As we said, the physical card is made of titanium and Apple only engraves your logo and the customer’s name on the metal; that is, the card does not present any other printed identification characteristics, such as expiration date and CVV code2 – All this information is in the Wallet app. On the back, the logos of the Mastercard (official Apple Card banner) and Goldman Sachs are displayed.

The Apple Card is expected to be officially released to American consumers by the end of next June, initially. There is no prospect yet for expansion, but according to Goldman Sachs International head Richard Gnodde, Europe will be the next target of the service.

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