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Apple Card Is Here For You To Say Good-Bye To All Credit Cards

This afternoon Apple surprised us with a series of ads that, while not available in Spain, are interesting and make a difference. It is clear that the company wants to take over all businesses and all markets. These services include credit cards and bank accounts. Apple will not be your bank yet, but it wants to be your credit card. Discover below what Apple Card is and what it offers to users.

Apple Card Arrives to say Good-Bye to Credit Cards

Apple Card is your new credit card

As Paypal sought to become a substitute for credit cards, Apple Card will allow paying without the need for more cards. It is included in the Wallet app and works where Apple Pay does it, which means it is convenient and useful. Depending on the country, up to 80% of businesses, stores and restaurants accept this method of payment. You do not need complicated cards, codes or passwords. Just unlock with your fingerprint or your face and have a device nearby.

It also has a number of advantages. First, security and privacy, ensuring that Apple does not know what purchases or where or at what price. So presumes not to do business with the data of its users. But another advantage is that they will return 2% or 3% of the money spent with the Apple Card. In this way, we will have certain economic benefits when paying with your card or your payment method.

Apple Card Arrives to say Good-Bye to Credit Cards

Apple Card has its physical version with a spectacular appearance

If you want to enjoy the whole experience of this Apple card you can get the physical version. Made of titanium and with a silver appearance that gives it an elitist and spectacular touch, it will become your favorite card with which to pay anywhere. That’s Apple’s idea and that’s what Apple Card is.

How much does this card cost and what is the cost that users will suffer? None, at least apparently. It is free, has no extra costs and allows us to control the second each payment and transaction made. It is the future of payments and credit cards and will also arrive in Spain.

We will see how it continues to develop and what its implementation is in the current market.

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