How about an iPhone with the notch … out?

That every new Apple product that comes onto the market becomes an object of derision is a fact. One of the most parodies receives is the iPhone, the company’s smartphone. The rest of the manufacturers scoff that it is not as innovative as before, but when it adds a striking feature it is copied by all, and more by those of Asian origin. And if not tell it to the notch.

The iPhone X changed the concept of iPhone that we all knew. Since the first model launched in mid-2007 the design had always been, over distances, the same. While it is true that the back has been renewed by the change in the materials of manufacture, the front was characterized by two large edges and the physical start button. The tenth-anniversary smartphone removed these elements to make the panel occupy as much as possible, just subtracting some space in the upper bezel for the notch.

As much loved as criticized, the notch has been the protagonist of some of Samsung’s commercials, but to criticize it. Many brands that use Android adopted it (and in a way some South Korean smartphones implemented it), but it will not stay forever. A designer has imagined what it would be like not to have it on the iPhone or, at least, not have it on the screen.

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This would be the iPhone with the notch out

See a mobile of these characteristics is not so strange. In fact, ZTE with its Axon V has done something similar by placing the notch on the upper right side of the device. It has even been dubbed the ugliest smartphone in history.

iPhone with Notch

The Twitter Phone Designer account has shared a render of what an iPhone would look like with the notch out. The truth is that it is not very aesthetic, it is even something unpleasant and strange but clear, we are used to seeing it integrated into the screen. We are glad that Apple has not decided to make an iPhone like that.

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