Apple iPhone Prototype In Early 2020 Has A 6.7-Inch Screen: Tipster

Steve Hemmerstoffer, the person responsible for filtering the design of Apple iPhone 11 Pro eight months before its announcement, does not seem particularly convinced by this leak of the iPhone in 2020. The original story continues below.

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro was presented only two weeks ago with a triple camera system and a large notch above the screen. The latter is identical to that found on the iPhone XS of 2018, which coincides with that presented on the iPhone X of 2017. But if a new voice is created, the beloved notch of the Cupertino giant could be completely abandoned the year next one.

Say goodbye to the controversial notch

According to Ben Geskin, perhaps best known for his quality renderings, one of the prototypes of Apple’s iPhone at the beginning of 2020 presents a huge 6.7-inch screen combined with updated Face ID and TrueDepth camera system found at, therefore, the inside of the upper bevel eliminates the need for any type of notch.

The name of this particular model is not mentioned in today’s report. But the general description seems to match what is expected from the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple will replace the current OLED 6 display. And 5 inches with a larger 6.7-inch panel. However, since it will probably be a combination of a thinner frame, the physical footprint of the phone should be quite similar to that of the current generation device.

Next to the offer of the Max brand, there will be the normal iPhone 12 Pro. Kuo believes that this device will come with a new 5.4-inch OLED display combined with thinner frames. Combined, the changes mean that Apple’s next premium phone will be considerably smaller than the existing model. In fact, it will probably be closer to the size of the iPhone 8 than the iPhone 11 Pro.

There may also be a new frame and a later update

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s plans for a significant “redesign” of the iPhone next year will see its 2020 flagships take on a more squared look. Thanks to a new metal frame with a “more segmented” complex design. New pit and injection molding procedures. And sapphire glass or glass cover group to protect the trench injection molding structure. “This all sounds a bit confusing, but in essence, the iPhone 2020 framework will resemble that of the iPhone 4, announced in 2010.

Along with all this, there should be a new setup of the rear camera substantially. Similar to that of the iPhone 11 Pro this year. However, to keep up with the competition and continue to drive the iPhone’s AR functionality. Apple should add a dedicated flight time sensor capable of acquiring high-quality depth data. Other improvements in the settings of the camera may include optical image stabilization for ultra-wide-angle shooters. And other improvements in night mode.

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Apple iPhone 12 standard may look like the iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone XR and iPhone 11 have LCD panels on the front. But reports suggest that next year’s iPhone 12 will switch to OLED. In this case, it would be logical for Apple to use the front panel design of the existing iPhone 11 Pro on the iPhone 12. This way, shoppers of the cheaper model will feel they receive a new design. And Apple will be able to continue to differentiate its premium models from the non-Pro variant

In addition, there are some camera updates available on the cheapest iPhone. In particular, Apple plans to adopt a configuration with the triple camera very similar to that presented in this year’s Pro devices. Although it is likely that the sensors will be borrowed directly from the premium models of the iPhone 12 Pro. However, it is possible that Apple can book optical image stabilization on the wide-angle trigger for premium devices.

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