The Most Popular Smartphone In The World During The Second Quarter

By one count, this was the most popular smartphone in the world during the second quarter. Which smartphone was the most popular phone in the world during the second quarter? A reputed source has published data indicating the 12 most used models in a variety of different countries. The results are based on second-quarter mobile web traffic through the sites associated with DeviceAtlas and its device detection platform. Before answering this initial question, let’s develop the suspense by looking at the results in the US.

In the US, 10 of the 12 most popular phones between April and June were iPhones with the iPhone 7 in the lead. With a 7.85% stake, the 2016 model has surpassed the iPhone 8 Plus. The 2018 iPhones are at number six (iPhone XR-5.06%), number eight (iPhone XS Max-3.00%) and number 12 (iPhone XS-2.76%). The Samsung Galaxy S8 (2.98%) and Galaxy S9 (2.95%) were the numbers nine and 10 respectively.

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Apple’s iPhone 7 is currently the most popular smartphone in the UK

In fact, during the second quarter, Apple’s iPhone 7 was the most used phone in the UK (9.58% share), Germany (6.02%), Spain (4, 69%), France (6.86%), Italy (4.83%), the Netherlands (7.66%), Ireland (7.67%), Portugal (5.03%), Poland (6.94 %), Russia (6.76%), Romania (4.19%), Sweden (9.93%), Denmark (10.63%), Finland (6.43%), Norway (9.63%), Colombia (5.38%) , Japan (11.73%), Singapore (7.21%), Turkey (5.58%), Australia (6.98%) and South Africa (4.22%). In some markets, such as Mexico, the iPhone 7 Plus (5.22%) and the iPhone 7 (4.19%) closed numbers one and two respectively. In Ukraine (a country that has been in the latest news), the iPhone 7 was the second.

It should not be surprising that in South Korea, domestic manufacturers like Samsung and LG dominate the rankings. The Galaxy Note 8 (5.54%) and the Galaxy Note 9 (4.97%) were the numbers one and two with the LG X4 + (4.22%) below. In India, the second-largest smartphone market in the world, Xiaomi, and Samsung dominated the list with Redmi Note 4 (3.22%) at the top, followed by Redmi Note 5 Pro (2.45%) and by Samsung Galaxy J2 (2.39%).

iPhone 7 is still available in some US carriers

Therefore, it is quite obvious that Apple’s iPhone 7 is currently the most popular smartphone in the world. But that could change, as it may lose support for iOS updates in the next year or two. The phone was released September 16, 2016, and features a 4.7-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 750 x 1334. It is powered by the Apple A10 Fusion chip and has a 12 MP rear camera and a FaceTime 7 camera. MP. A battery with a capacity of 1960 mAh keeps the lights on.

The iPhone 7 is still available in some US carriers. Verizon will give you the 32GB version of the phone for free with the purchase of a new line (otherwise, $ 399.99), while those adding a new line can get the 128GB variant for 24 monthly payments of $5 (otherwise, $ 449.99). In Metro by T-Mobile, the 32 GB iPhone 7 costs $49.99 when switching to the prepaid operator.

(Via: DeviceAtlas)

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