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Apple mistrusts Intel and Begins to ally with Qualcomm for the 5G Modem

Apple mistrusts Intel and Begins to ally with Qualcomm for the 5G Modem

A long time ago that Apple is working with Intel for its processors, chips and certain elements. It is with this company that he has managed to take his iPhone, iPad and even Mac one step further. However, it is also due to her that they have lost several market opportunities and that they have been involved in problems. One of them that you will all remember is that of the modems of 2016. Apple came to slow down those of Qualcomm so that they were not superior to those of Intel. It would have been appreciated if all were from Qualcomm if they were superior. After so much war and so much stress for the engineers of Apple, it seems that there is a definitive alliance with Qualcomm.

Apple will distance itself from Intel for various reasons

We have commented on one of the reasons: the inferior quality of Intel’s work. But this goes much further. We are talking about larger and more expensive modems, which do not live up to Apple’s expectations. Even in the issue of processors for iMac and MacBook, we find problems and failures. While the bitten apple hopes to get its new equipment on a specific date, we know that Intel will not arrive on time. This results in a release with old processors instead of the new ones. In the end, Apple gives the image of having less advanced equipment because of its partners. And with the arrival of the 5G and the need for new parts and elements for the iPhone, it’s time to see who they join. One clue, it will not be with Intel.

On the one hand, they prepare their own processors for the Mac, on the other the alliance with Qualcomm. In Steve Jobs’ time, we would have seen a media break with Intel. For better and for worse, Tim Cook is something less scandalous. A change is prepared in the manufacture and internal design of its products that will bear fruit in the medium and long term.

How is the agreement that Apple has signed with Qualcomm?

As media have counted, this agreement has a duration of 6 years. That is until 2025 Apple can afford to take a break in the design of their own modem. Although, if they intend to become autonomous in this sense, they will have to put their batteries and not relax too much. And there are rumors that such an agreement will not be renewed, but that Tim Cook’s team will control the entire modem process.

Thus, the 5G will arrive at the iPhone and an era without Intel will be inside our favorite devices.

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