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Apple Pay Officially Arrives in Hungary and Luxembourg

The mobile payment service of the bitten apple continues with its slow but unstoppable expansion around the world. This time Apple Pay officially arrives in Hungary and Luxembourg, weeks after it was announced that Apple’s service was going to reach seven new European countries throughout 2019.

And is that after the arrival in Iceland, at the beginning of May, now it is the turn of two countries of the continent. At the moment, as happened with the landing of the service in Spain, Apple Pay only has agreements with a bank in each of the two countries.

Apple Pay officially arrives in Hungary and Luxembourg with a bank in each country

On the part of Luxembourg, the lucky ones that are going to be able to use Apple Pay will be the users of BGL BNP Paribas, whereas in the case of Hungary they will be the clients of OTP Bank those that will be able to use the service of mobile payment of Apple.

But, probably, as has happened in the case of Australia, with the addition of the  National Australia Bank,  little by little new banks will be added in both Hungary and Luxembourg, expanding the portfolio of potential customers of the Apple Pay service.

Apple Pay Officially Arrives in Hungary and Luxembourg

The Apple Pay service is now available in 40 countries, and just enter a compatible card in Wallet to use our iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch in stores or our Mac to make purchases and payments easily and securely through the Internet.

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