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Apple Promises Improvements for Apple News Plus to Publishers Disappointment

So far this year,  Apple has made new releases,  presenting renewed smartphones, gadgets and new devices in general with applications such as Apple News Plus.

This application is a news service through a subscription that although it was presented as a novel application that provided important benefits to publishers, however, this seems far from reality.

Apple promises improvements for Apple News Plus to publishers disappointment

Editors Vs. Apple News Plus

Apple News Plus attracted more than 200,000 subscribers in the first 48 hours after launching this application faced some problems at the user experience level, since its interface was not as simple as Apple presented.

feature that has been supported by the editors, who have also shown their dissatisfaction, as the application does not present a simple way for content publishers to integrate with the interactive formats.

Low income

In addition, publishers have complained about the income generated by the platform, since for them these percentages are quite disappointing.

A situation that left the editors surprised, as Apple reported showed great confidence in the internal meetings held with the different publishers, mentioning a projection that said that publishers would earn ten times more than they previously perceived with Texture, that is, before Apple News Plus.

Also, the editors have asked Apple to east the users to spend more time in a particular publication since Apple as a reward for publishers by the time users spend watching content in specific.

Future improvements

A while ago a spokesman for the Cupertino company reported that ” hundreds of people ” are working hard to improve the interface of Apple News Plus to make it more intuitive for both users and publishers.

As for the ” disappointing numbers ” of which publishers complain, Apple has not yet issued an official statement regarding this issue, however, we expect the company to address these complaints by publishers and come to an agreement. according to benefit to both sides, and these also form an important part of the platform.

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