Apple publishes two new ads on “resistance” and the iPhone 11 Pro cameras

After the presentation of the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, in an event that perhaps did not convince everyone, Apple has started the advertising machinery to ensure that everyone knows about the launch of the new phones. Among other things, the new iPhone share important improvements in terms of its resistance and its cameras. Thus, Apple has created two new ads in which these qualities are presented in a somewhat peculiar way.

First, as you may have seen in the first video of the article, we have a small presentation of the new cameras of the iPhone 11 Pro. As we tell you on the day of the keynote, the new iPhone 11 Pro has three cameras, one with a wide-angle lens, another with a telephoto lens, and a third with an ultra-wide-angle lens. In this announcement, we can see how the three can achieve great results both with good lighting and in less favorable conditions with the new night mode.

Then, we have a second announcement, in this case about the resistance of the iPhone 11 Pro. Of course, we will not find the classic video in which the iPhone faces hammers or blows against the asphalt, but we can see its resistance against The most everyday objects. We will even observe how it is able to withstand a good bath for when it is necessary to clean our phone after it has fallen to the cake for our wedding.

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Of course, we do not have a wind tunnel in which to submit our future iPhone 11 Pro to this type of testing. However, it is good to know that Apple is so sure of the resistance and quality of its devices. One more year, the company demonstrates full confidence in the potential of its new phones, and that always helps inspire users who are trying to decide whether it is a good purchase or not.

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