Apple services also generate millions of dollars

Apple has always been a company that loves to diversify. In addition, due to its very closed ecosystem, this diversification of products and services allows them to multiply their profits by two.

It has already been happening over the past years with Apple Music, Apple Pay, Apple News and other services including the App Store. And, from now on, it seems that Apple will continue to focus its efforts on offering new services and improving those already present.

Apple services

During today’s special event, on March 25, the apple company presented a series of very interesting services: a streaming audiovisual content platform called Apple Video, an Apple Pay Card credit card and a new subscription model monthly in Apple News.

Apple marketing strategy and its services

Tim Cook has begun his presentation at the special event held at the Steve Jobs Theater of Apple Park talking about how Apple has been creating world-class hardware and software for decades. But today, he added, everything is focused on services.

And it is that the company of the bitten apple generates an impressive amount of income with its services. We speak of a wide range of services that includes functions, features, and subscriptions of the App Store, iCloud, Apple Music, Apple Maps, Apple News and … now, also Apple Video.

Some of the functions of these services are free, others of payment. Today, we are witnessing the expansion of Apple’s services. An expansion that, in the not too distant future, could make Apple the most important technology company of this century.

Revenue generated by Apple’s services increased from 23% to 56% over the past few years. As pointed out by Tim Cook during today’s special event, these services help the company’s customers to take full advantage of the full potential of their products, as well as to enrich their lives.


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