Apple stops signing iOS 12.2 after the release of iOS 12.3

Security updates allow us to keep our device with the latest bug fixes and prevent exploits of vulnerabilities that appear over time. If we also add some news of some importance, then we have a minor update of the most interesting. In this case, iOS 12.3 is part of this last group, being responsible for bringing some of the services presented in March.

In the most recent event of Apple, the company presented its latest developments in services, which included Apple News +, Apple Card, Apple TV Channels, and Apple TV +. In addition, in order to bring these last two services to their platforms, a new version of the Apple TV app was shown, which includes a new design and improves its compatibility with televisions and devices of other brands. This new app has been the great innovation of the iOS 12.3 update.

iOS 12.3

On May 13, this new update was officially launched, and therefore, it no longer makes sense to continue allowing users to restore their devices to iOS 12.2. Thus, the company has already stopped signing version 12.2 according to MacRumors, preventing users from returning to this version in the devices already updated to the new version. This movement is commonplace to encourage consumers to switch to the latest software version.

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As always, we recommend you keep, as far as possible, your updated device. As we said at the beginning, it is not only that we access the latest functions, but also that our device becomes a vulnerable target because of security holes that have been discovered. We know that they do not always manage to maintain system performance, but it does not compensate to lose security.

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