Samsung could supply OLED displays for iPad Pro and MacBook Pro

It is running a very interesting rumor on the network that indicates that Samsung is in negotiations with Apple for the supply of OLED panels for a 16-inch MacBook Pro and future models of iPad Pro. The information comes from the Korean blog The Elec until now they have never provided any leak whose veracity has been confirmed, so we must take this rumor with a certain degree of skepticism.

iPad Pro

However, it is very likely that the information is real. Bear in mind that Samsung does not want to permanently lose Apple as a customer. We have seen it in the case of processors, which are currently manufactured exclusively by TSMC, and now we could see it with OLED screens, currently provided by LG Display.

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The iPad Pro will adopt OLED technology

In case the rumor is true, it is unlikely that the iPad Pro line of 2019 has OLED screens. They are still in negotiations, so the manufacture of panels and the manufacture of the tablet would delay their launching a lot. So if I had to play it to a letter I would say that the OLED technology will be present in the iPad Pro 2020. But who knows!

Ming-Chi Kuo, a popular analyst on Apple products, has recently pointed out that the company may be planning to launch a MacBook Pro from 16 to 16.5 inches in 2019. He also indicated that Apple will also introduce a MacBook Pro mini -LED in 2021.

Little else we know about the future iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. The closest event to these dates is the WWDC 2019 where Apple will present its software innovations. Later, at the end of the year, they will announce their new iPhone and maybe MacBook and iPad products.

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