Apple TV +, knows all the features of Apple’s video service

Apple is ready to take part in the great battle of streaming. Apple TV + arrives, the streaming video service of the Californian company, which has been announced during today’s event, March 25, from the Steve Jobs Theater. This is the company’s great commitment to services, a platform designed to offer users of all its products quality entertainment for all tastes. The question is, is it worth it?

For several years now, the company has been bringing together the best producers and filmmakers in Hollywood to shape this service. With the help of a multi-million dollar budget, Apple plays with quality series and movies and using the potential that its devices offer to reach millions of users around the world. With its Apple TV as the big focus of the entire strategy.

Apple TV +

As with the rest of the services, Apple TV + follows the same principles that the company has for its other products and platforms. It must be easy to use, careful to detail, safe, with contents curated by experts, personalized, and for the whole family. Thus, all potential users of the service can be sure that they will be able to enjoy the best stories, anywhere, whenever they want.

Apple TV +, the best creators gathered to create the best content

From Apple TV +, users will have access to the best stories created by some of the greatest international creators. From Steven Spielberg, with Amazing Stories, to Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, with The Morning Show. Different ways of telling different stories of imaginary worlds, and of others that are not so much. Here there is content for everyone, prepared with the same attention that Apple puts in the rest of its products.

And when we say for all, we really say it. As it was announced a few months ago, Apple TV + will also have some of the most famous children’s characters in the world with a new Sesame Workshop show, creators of Sesame Street. It will be dedicated to teaching children to develop their creative abilities, for example, through the code. And this is just the beginning of a service that is meant to last.

And of course, all this will be available in the best quality, thanks to the 4K and HDR compatibility of the various products through which the service will be available. And not only this but also, we can also enjoy all the contents without connection, adjusting to the standards that other companies have already marked.

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Apple TV Channels, more content than ever, integrated into the TV app

Apple TV Channels

In addition to Apple TV +, which has been the big news of the event, the company has also presented Apple TV Channels. It is a renewal of the commitment that Apple made with the launch of the TV app to bring all the contents closer together and facilitate access to users. With the channels, now we will have more control, being able to choose what we want to see, without having to go through the footbridge of other platforms. All from the same application and with the same fundamentals as Apple TV +.

Each provider will have the opportunity to create a personalized channel that users can hire from the TV app, and with just hiring it we can enjoy its contents in the same experience. It is no longer simply a matter of searching among all the apps, but now everything will be in one place. And of course, the Cupertino are willing to take it to all possible countries, although that depends on each company and its policies of course.

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But Apple TV + is just the beginning because the new service is only part of the company’s platform. With the new Apple TV app, we can access all the contents of iTunes, our favorite streaming platforms, and of course, the new channels. A completely renewed interface will welcome all the contents that the producers have prepared. With the best quality available, especially in the most current devices.

However, it will not only be for users of the company’s mobile devices. Now, the Apple TV app will be available on Mac, and also on Smart TVs from Samsung, LG, Vizio, and Sony. But this is not all, we can also access the service from Fire TV and Roku. And now, from more than 100 countries, that will be able to access from May to the new TV app from all its screens. Of course, for Apple TV + we will have to wait until autumn, although you can register to know more.

All in all, Apple has presented an important repertoire of services that, although not all will be available worldwide, will mostly contribute a new element to our experience. A new way to enjoy more cared content, be it in video, games or news, or a disruptive way of thinking about what can be done in the financial sector. In any case, today Apple has shown that it is prepared to face a future of services.

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