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iMusic, a Great Application to Discover and Download Music on Mac

Music streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify or Tidal have managed to position themselves as market leaders and every few people buy discs or download songs in MP3 files to play anywhere.

It is a very logical trend because for a very tight price you get access to millions of songs, both the latest news and issues from decades ago. The system is practically perfect but … What about the devices that do not have access to this type of platform? Should we retire them forever?

iMusic, a Great Application to Discover and Download Music on Mac


Car radios with CD, MP3 or USB memory sticks, high-quality home audio systems but without access to online services, mini-systems … There are many devices that can still be useful and give an exceptional audio experience, but there is still a little relegated by the difficulty of bringing new music to them.

Do you feel identified with this situation? In my case I miss being able to renew the music that I have in the car in a more usual way, so looking for an alternative I found iMusic, a software that has been very useful for me and that allows to download music or transfer music from Mac to Android or iOS among other.

How to download music on Mac with iMusic

Among the features of iMusic, one that I find most attractive is the ability to download music directly from the Internet.

The software has the ability to connect to sites such as YouTube and other pages that allow you to play audio or video and download songs that sound in MP3 format.

But not only this, but it also allows you to directly record the songs that are playing on your computer. Thanks to this feature it is possible to capture any song from Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal or other streaming audio services. It is also possible to save the audio of movies, videos of any kind, podcast, etc, etc … You just have to put the software to record and start the playback of the content.

But the best way to understand how iMusic works is with an example, so in the following lines, I show you how to download a song from the Internet with this software.

1. Search for the song you want to download


The first step, as is logical, is to find the song you want to download within the software itself. For this, the fastest way is to click on the tab Get Music and then on Discover.

As you do so, you will see Youtube appear. You will only have to search for the subject you want using the web search engine.

2. Start the download

Once the song is located, start the playback of the song. When the reproduction begins to click on the download icon that is located in the green bar (in the screenshot above it is indicated its location with an arrow) for the download to begin.

3. Check that the download has been correct

Click on the icon with the arrow down in the upper right corner and you will see that the download has started. You can also see how iMusic automatically establishes the title and author of the song as the file name.

Next, you will see an icon with a folder. Clicking on it will open the folder of your computer where the file has been stored and you will only have to move it to the folder in which you save your music or add it to the iTunes library or the software you use and then play it back where want

How to record any song that sounds on your computer

In the previous example, we have used YouTube as a source to download music, but the software can also do it in other websites and services. In case that somewhere you cannot download directly, you have the option to use the recording function.

If for example, you want to download a song from Spotify or Apple Music you will not be able to do it directly with the previous method, but using the Record function of iMusic.

To use this feature you must do the following:

1. Access the record mode

Click on Get Music and then enter the Record tab.

If this is the first time you sign in, you will be asked to install the virtual sound card you need to make the recording. It is a simple process and you will only have to follow the instructions on the screen.

2. Start playback and recording

The second and last step to capture the song is to start playback and then click on the Record button of iMusic.

When doing so, the software will capture the sound of the computer, so it is advisable that during recording you do not use it to prevent other sounds from being played.

In addition, it will also try to locate the title of the song and the author. In case you detect it, it will inform you on the screen itself and also use the data to generate the final MP3 file.

3. Access the final file

When the reproduction has finished click on Stop and you can access the final file from the Library – Engraving section.

If you click with the secondary mouse button or trackpad on any of the themes you can choose the option Show in Finder to access the file that has been saved in the computer.

Other functions of iMusic

Downloading and recording are the main features of iMusic and, in my opinion, the most useful, but they are not the only ones.

The software also allows you to manage the iTunes library, create playlists, synchronize music with iOS and Android devices, convert audio files to different formats or even burn music to a CD.

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