Apple vs Android: What’s the Best Phone for a Student

The choice of which phone to buy has always been important for students. And today, in times of distance learning, it is more crucial than ever! We are on our phones 24/7, from listening to lectures to watching educational videos and texting with groupmates. So which tool should you pick for the best experience?

When searching for a device, everyone has their own expectations. Some pay attention to the price only, others care about design and functionality. But we believe it’s better to consider all these points. The dispute between iOS and Android fans has been brewing for years, so we are here to help you make your own decision. In this article, we explore the pros and cons of each system, so let’s get started!

Apple vs Android

Visual Aesthetics

Everyone who cares about design can find many solutions with the Android system. There’s a huge variety of display diagonals, case materials, etc. Of course, the research can take a while. But remember: you can always order custom writing at EssayPro and free up your schedule for things that matter. Isn’t outsourcing the best way to get everything done in this hectic reality?

When it comes to iPhone design, it’s known for being laconic and not changing over the years. However, the company has made the display bigger and added more color schemes. The iPhone’s design is simply universal, so it suits everyone with no regard to age or job.

Surely, we can’t say that the iPhone is more beautiful since you can find a very worthy model among Androids (not to mention cases that can change the whole look). Therefore, we don’t nominate the leader in this category. 

The Build Quality

It’s a well-known fact that iPhone manufacturers have been improving their internal components all the time. That’s why their quality is very good. As for Android systems, those producing them often focus on the number of models instead of worth. Too bad.

As users claim, iPhones function much longer than Androids. Plus, chances are, you’ll sell an iPhone much quicker than an Android.

Indeed, we pay tribute to Apple’s build quality. It’s much better than its competitors. 

Software & Apps

Let’s start with platform protection. iPhones and the software for them are produced by one manufacturer, so controlling device compatibility is easier than on Android. On the contrary, Android is open to all updates, but here’s a problem – this can spoil system performance and stability.

Speaking of apps, the App Store is very picky about the ones that can get on the device. The Android store is more crowded, and the chance of getting viruses and malware is much higher.

To sum up, iOS for iPhone is more secure and reliable than Android for smartphones.


The power consumption on iPhones is more than ever, and it’s not a surprise. However, Apple manufacturers underestimated this fact and gave the iPhone a small battery capacity. 

Many users complain that the phone is discharged very quickly, and it’s not surprising. Our mobile internet is constantly turned on, plus apps for study are open as well. Meanwhile, Android smartphones have the most various batteries. The way they maintain the full OS and display is excellent. 

We won’t hide that not all smartphone models have such a significant capacity, so it’s impossible to say which battery (Android or iPhone) is better.


Here is a necessary detail to consider if you use two SIM cards for work or frequent travel. Almost every Android has two slots. However, things are different with iPhones.

Older models don’t have two slots, so if this criterion is essential for you, buy an iPhone 13 or get an E-SIM.

As for the chargers, Apple has a Lightning connector. In the meanwhile, Androids have very common Type-c. Apple has also removed the jack slot so if you want to listen to music while charging your phone, you might not be able to (unless you have wireless headphones, of course).

This point isn’t critical for everyone; just keep this information in mind.


The camera in iPhones has amazing characteristics. Not to mention the latest models which shoot like professional equipment. And just imagine how much we will be pleased with the new Apple products, which will be released very soon! iPhone macro photography looks much sharper and colored. The same applies to portrait photography – it looks really impressive.

You’ll also enjoy pictures made at dawn, sunset, or in a dim room. Not all Androids have such characteristics. Therefore, if the camera matters to you, it’s best to go for the iPhone.

Manufacturer Service

It seems that specialized stores to service your iPhone can be found anywhere in the world. All major cities have a place where you can resolve any iPhone-related problem.

Meanwhile, it can take some time to find a representative office of a specific manufacturer. The situation with Samsung can be easier, but what to do with other brands? Of course, you can always buy a reliable Android budget model that will last you a while. And when you save money, get an iPhone and sell your old device, that’s it.

Apple vs Android

And now, let’s get to the most key part, which is summarizing the pros and cons.

Advantages of Apple iPhone over Android:

  • The highest quality of assembly and details;
  • Excellent apps optimization;
  • Stable system;
  • Amazing camera, even on older models;
  • Lack of viruses for OS;
  • Simple menu;
  • Lack of lags.

iPhone’s disadvantages:

  • Price. Compared to Android, prices are several times higher;
  • Closed system: you can’t disassemble the phone without special equipment;
  • Small battery capacity compared to Androids;
  • The inability to insert an SD card (instead, you have to buy more space in iCloud);
  • High cost of repairs and components.

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To Wrap It Up

Perhaps, all students have one thing in common – they use a huge number of applications, from planners and readers to video conferencing programs. In addition, learners often combine work with study, and they will need some tools to do their job.

According to experts, the main criterion to search for is a mobile ecosystem. And on iOS, it’s much more advanced. Developers of all popular and successful apps make their products for this operating system first of all. And only then do they move to Android and Windows.

The iPhone itself is more stable and reliable. It’s distinguished by high build quality and safety. As for Android, not all models are good in this regard.

Here’s what we recommend. Before the purchase, each user must determine for what purposes the smartphone will be used and which functions are of paramount importance. If your financial situation allows you to spend a substantial sum, you can give preference to Apple products.

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