Apple, we want an iPhone SE like this

If there is a device that has supposed a before and an after in the way of understanding mobile telephony, that is perhaps the iPhone SE. launched 3 years ago, it conjugated a classic design, inspired by the iPhone 5s, with powerful hardware. It was a great success since the whole life screen was mixed with top features.

But of course, everything is improbable and has been elucubrando for a long time in the launch of a new model that came to give a breath of fresh air to this device. Sometimes we even echo rumors, and finally, Apple has decided that, for now, there is no new version of it.

An iPhone SE of those that fall in love

However, YouTube has released a video that shows us a prototype of a second generation iPhone SE that includes everything a good phone has to have. We invite you to know it since it has no waste and is very well prepared.

So at first glance, you could appreciate a dual camera like the 12-megapixel iPhone X, Face ID system, 4.8-inch OLED screen, the acclaimed bionic A12 chip, and what is better, a starting price of 600 dollars, about 530 euros to change. Nothing is said about the initial capacity of your hard drive if 32 or 64 GB. It also surprises that it looks like a thick device and that the Lightning connector is replaced by a magnetic one, like the one worn by the old MacBooks and that was called MagSafe.

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What is clear is that it is a product of the imagination, you do not really know if Apple is planning to launch it again and if so if it would be available for this same 2019. Or will that be, just one unrealizable chimera?

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