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3 tricks for WhatsApp that we should all know

WhatsApp is the most used application today. With more than 1.2 billion users worldwide, hundreds of millions of messages are sent and received every day. And although it is an app that suffers continuous drops in service, its popularity does not stop growing.

For this reason, we dedicate this article today to publicize some simple tricks so you can get more out of the application. You may already know one, but even so, we invite you to review them, maybe one of them is new for you. We give way without further ado to them.

tricks for WhatsApp

3 tricks for WhatsApp that we should all know

Mute groups

To a greater or lesser extent, we take part in different groups in WhatsApp. From co-workers, from people in the gym or from primary school students. And in a group, when someone starts the path of sending a message and it is successful, the notifications become tiresome. To avoid this, you can mute these groups. You only have to click on the chat of the group itself, at the top. A menu with several indications will appear, among them the mute ones. Choose the time you prefer and forget about the discomfort. It is very useful when you can not turn off your phone at night, but you do not want to be continually startled.

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Put bold, italics and strikethrough

Excellent idea to emphasize or highlight different parts of the text. Just keep in mind that to do so, you must follow these steps.

  • Bold: Put between asterisks the word or phrase you want.
  • Italic: Identical to the previous one but putting a low script.
  • Strikethrough: More of the same, but putting Virgilia, or what is the same, the tail of the ñ.

Hide the double blue check

This function gave a lot to talk about when it was implemented in 2012 and that lets us know if a user has read the message. A double blue tick appears. To deactivate it, go to Settings> Account> Privacy and uncheck the Reading Confirmations. It is one of the most used options by users.

Extra trick

You will already know that the phone is not necessary to send and receive messages from WhatsApp, it is enough to use the desktop version to do so. However, it presents a drawback: it is necessary to have the iPhone near and on for it to work. I invite you to know the app for MacOS ChatMate for WhatsApp, with which it does not matter if your iPhone is 5 kilometers away, which will work in the same way on your Mac. Try it from this link.

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