Apple will eliminate 3D Touch of all its iPhone models of 2019

In 2015, Apple introduced to the world its latest innovations in smartphones, the iPhone 6s, and the 6s Plus. These two phones had some really interesting features inside, some of them even more attractive than those that could be launched the following year with the iPhone 7. For example, it was the first phone to integrate the active listening function for “Hey Siri”, He even integrated a sensitive screen at different pressure levels. And that’s where 3D Touch comes in.

3D Touch is the name with which the technology is known that later would allow improving the start button of the iPhone, and that consists of an evolution of the Force Touch of the Apple Watch. Thanks to the integration of 3D Touch in iOS, we can access different shortcuts and get small glimpses of some details of the interface. For example, we can use it to view the content of a link without changing the tab in Safari or to preview a mail.

3D Touch iPhone

Since 3D Touch was released by Apple, there has always been a doubt as to whether it was really used enough to justify the cost that it could have for the iPhone user. The Cupertino also tried to replace or eliminate 3D Touch of some models like the iPhone SE or the iPhone XR. However, it has not been until now that a group of Barclays analysts has reported the possible total disappearance of technology in the upcoming 2019 models.

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This information, shared by MacRumors, could be a hard blow for some users who do use the functionalities that it makes possible. In these cases, Apple would use the new Haptic Touch of the iPhone XR as a replacement but is not as integrated as 3D Touch as it consists of a software solution and not hardware. For now, we will have to wait to see how the events unfold until the September event.

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