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Bypass FRP Lock and Google Account Verification on Nexus 6P, 5X and other Android devices

The Factory Reset Protection highlight that Google acquainted with Android gadgets with Android 5.0 Lollipop update in 2014, might have secured various stolen Android gadgets from unapproved use, yet it has from that point forward put some of the authentic users into inconvenience also. So today, we get to show you how you can Bypass FRP Lock on almost any Android device.

FRP lock works by verifying the Google account recently marked in on the gadget. Along these lines, when on the off chance that your device is stolen, and the criminal can complete a processing plant reset, he/despite everything she won’t most likely use the gadget without signing in with the recently marked in Google account. This hinders the gadget from being used by some other individual than you.

Bypass FRP Lock

Be that as it may, this has put some certifiable users into inconvenience also. It gets irritating when you’re bolted out of your own gadget because you can’t recollect your Google account secret word or when you bought a used gadget that has been matched up to an unknown user account previously.

Fortunately, there are approaches to sidestep the FRP lock Google account verification on some Android gadgets. We as of late completed a post on bypassing Google account verification on LG gadgets, and furthermore on other Android gadgets, by and large, however, Google has been distinctly discharging security patches with month to month security updates to Android.

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For the most recent security fix discharge at the season of composing this (May first, 2016), the accompanying trap will work to sidestep FRP lock Google account verification amid gadget setup. This method has been tried on Nexus 6P and 5X, yet should work for other Android gadgets also.


How to Bypass FRP Lock

Connect to Wifi & Disconnect:

  1. Power On your FRP bolted device and connect it to a WiFi organize from one of the setup screens.
    • Tip: If you can get another Android device close by, then making a WiFi hotspot from it would be increasingly advantageous for you because the trap includes killing off the WiFi arrange at a specific time.
  2. When connected to a WiFi arrange, hit NEXT, and when it says Checking for updates, execute off the WiFi organize (turn off your WiFi modem or WiFi hotspot). You’ll get to the screen where you’ve to put in your First and Last name.
    • I may take two or three attempts to get to the “Name” screen. Continue attempting..
  3. One the Name screen hit NEXT. You’ll get to the “Secure your device” screen, here set up a PIN, example or secret key.
  4. Now once you’re on the Google administrations screen, look to the base of the screen, then switch ON your WiFi system (or WiFi hotspot), and afterward select/tap on the “Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” link.

Reach Google Search

  1. On approaches page that opened in a spring up window, feature any content/word by holding it, and afterward select the Share choice from the tooltip.
  2. From the rundown of sharing alternatives accessible, press and hang on the Gmail app symbol, you’ll get the Gmail app information page.
  3. On the Gmail app data page, select Notifications » App settings » then tap the 3 spots alternatives menu and select Manage accounts from there.
    • This progression may be different for users not running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or more Android discharges.
  4. On the gadget settings page, select Google » Search and Now » Now cards » flip Show cards switch » hit NO THANKS and you’ll get to the Google Search screen.

Open Chrome:

  1. Check the Google inquiry screen, type Chrome and open the Chrome program app from the proposed rundown.
  2. On the Setup Chrome screen, hit NO THANKS, then OK, GOT IT, and the sort the accompanying URL in the program bar:
  3. From the URL above, you’ll download the Quick Shortcuts app.
  4. Once downloading starts, return to Now cards screen by hitting the Back button on your gadget.
  5. Here again, flip Show cards switch » hit NO THANKS and get to the Google Search screen » now type Downloads and open the Downloads app.

Install Quick Shortcut:

  1. On the downloads app, your download Quick Shortcuts app .apk file ought to be accessible. Snap on the apk » you’ll get Install blocked screen. Hit SETTINGS » look down a bit and turn on “Unknown Sources” switch. Hit the back button » open the Quick Shortcuts apk again from the downloads screen. Install the app » and Open it once the installation is finished.
  2. When Quick Shortcuts app is opened, scan for “Google Account Manager” and tap on it. You’ll get a dropdown rundown of exercises. Select “Type Email and Password” action » hit Try and you’ll get to the re-type pass screen. Here, hit the 3-spot alternative menu and select “Program sign-in“, you’ll get a program Google sign-in screen.
  3. Log in with your favored Google Account, and once marked in, you’ll return to the Quick Shortcuts app.
  4. Now go right back to the gadget Settings page by hitting the Back button.
  5. On the Settings page, select “Backup and Reset” » select “Production line Data Reset” » select “RESET PHONE” » Confirm your PIN, Password or Pattern lock » select “Delete EVERYTHING”. Your gadget will now production line reset itself.
  6. Now once your gadget boots back, set it up and log in using a similar Google account that you used in Step 16 above.

That’s it in a nutshell. Expectation this guide encourages you to Bypass FRP Lock and Google Account Verification on your Android gadget.

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