Best Reddit Apps for Android and iOS Smartphones

Best Reddit Apps

Have You guys ever heard about Reddit? Well, probably, Yes. As Reddit is actually the front page of the internet, that basically covers all topics, and there is nothing to call it wrong. Along with world news, it also included every niche information. All traffic is basically derived only due to a variety of content and news. Every user gets their particular content here along with more options, news, and different topics as well. In this article, we are going to talk about Best Reddit Apps for Android and iOS Smartphones. Let’s begin!

However, Reddit failed to build a profit generation model, that we can also say, revenue model as well. But, because of users’ massive traffic, it still enjoys as well as operates efficiently and profits. Most people spend their time on Reddit in order to get information and connect along with the world. It also contains trending issues, news, and debate war, along with important topics. Let’s now look into some best Reddit apps that help you guys out in many ways.

Best Reddit Apps for Android and iOS Smartphones

Boost for Reddit

Boost for Reddit is a really decent alternative for the platform’s official app. It basically combines functionality with design. It has the basics you need whenever using Reddit such as voting a topic up or down, commenting on a shared topic, sharing the topic, and many more. Users can also change the look of the interface via choosing a theme from the thousands of color options in its library and also customizing the app’s browsing interface via subreddit.

Best Reddit Apps

The recent updates to the app also include support for uploads along with multiple images, Reddit polls made visible on a post, and also many others. What’s more, the app also has a home screen widget so you guys never get to miss out on the latest on Reddit.

Price: $2.00 – $10.00 per item

Download Boost for Android

Joey for Reddit | Best Reddit Apps

There are a pair of common denominators these Reddit app alternatives have: vote a topic down or up, comment, and share it with others. But with Joey for Reddit, you can actually mark comments and get notifications whenever they are actually sent.  On top of this, the app actually allows you to download videos from the app and hide posts that you guys have already read or the apps and post you have already communicated or interacted with. Users of the app say the price to get rid of the ads in the app is pricey, but Joey for Reddit remains to be one of the best Reddit apps there is for Android.

Best Reddit Apps

Furthermore, the app is highly personalized which others seem to lag behind. As is with other apps, there is a learning curve in using Joey for Reddit, but once you get the hang of it, who knows what precious thing you might find?

Price: Free/$19.99

Download Joey for Android

Sync for Reddit

Sync is another decent option for the official Reddit. It actually allows the users to personalize the user interface to their liking without leaving functionality and space. Users may also share the same happening with image, video, and selftest previews when using the Sync for Reddit app. Its features are really packed and gesture-based, so users never get to miss out on anything at one glimpse. In addition, recently, the app adjust to changing times and also included support for AMOLED displays and night themes.

Best Reddit Apps

In addition, Sync also comes in a pro version which ultimately removes the ads and offers more features and kinds of stuff.

Price: Free/$4.99

Download Sync for Android

Narwhal for Reddit

Narwhal is a free Reddit client for iOS, dubbed as a gesture-based app. Gesture-based applications are also known for the way the user interface is usually navigated. First and foremost, anything you guys do on this application is just scrolling and clicking. It is not a secret to any Reddit user that before Apollo, Narwhal is the best Reddit app for many of the users using an iOS device. And up to this point, it actually continues to be one of the most decent Reddit replacement applications.

What we all actually like about this application is how it shows all the information on the screen without undoubtedly making the user experience limiting and conditional. While in-app purchases would at this moment unlock many added characteristics the basics of which this app was made actually are all for free.

Price: Free/$3.99

Download Narwhal for iOS

Apollo for Reddit

Although Relay is the most top-notch choice for many Android users on Reddit, iOS users have their own option. Many of the users have commended Apollo for the facility of use. They actually say the application is far better than that of the official Reddit application. The application is jam-packed with characteristics also including being skilled to select a theme, change the icons, and eliminate the ads on the application. Despite the new features and characteristics added on the more recent applications update, the application continues to perform smoothly, fluently, and easily.

Price: Free/$4.99

Download Apollo for iOS

Red reader

Among the finest and best Reddit application options and choices we have listed so far, RedReader is actually certified ad-free because of its open-source nature. This application is also gesture-based, so it’s not complicated and tangled to use for browsing what’s actually trending now on the Reddit universe and the internet as a whole. From all the above things, it’s the app’s user interface outlooks and views that make this application more appealing. Apart from that, the application has so many similarities with the other Reddit app alternatives and replacements we have written down so far. It’s the most decent replacement as well especially if you guys are looking for an application that actually puts readability on topmost of the list.

Best Reddit Apps

Price: Free

Download RedReader for Android

Now for Reddit | Best Reddit Apps

Here’s another very good Reddit replacement application for Android users. If you are looking for a Reddit application that actually makes browsing easy and fluent integrates functionality along with a fluent user interface, the Now for Reddit is actually the best application for you guys to use. It permits you to checks the boxes we are looking for in the best Reddit apps. That includes voting, commenting, saving, hiding, and also sharing options Reddit content. Did we already mention above the facility at which you’d be able and also allowed to watch trending videos on Reddit TV in this application as well?


Overall, it’s the simplicity of the user interface that makes this application work. There are not a lot of problems, difficulties, and static elements to cause the app to crash and also cause a collision.

Price: Free/$3.99

Download Now for Android

Reddit is Fun

Well, RIF is yet another best Reddit application selection for Android users. It basically unites the traditional features mostly experienced in the official Reddit app. And then puts all of those in a modern application user interface, connections, and design. Although, it’s not one of the best in terms of UI appeal. Nonetheless, along with features and functions such as support for multi Reddit, voting on given topics, commenting, and so on. This application can be a satisfactory option when all else fails. On top of that, the recent update has now fixed the issues experienced before. And then added support for tablets and widgets for home screen viewing of new topics shared on the platform as well.


Price: Free

Download RIF for Android


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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