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What Happens When You Delete Snapchat

Delete Snapchat

Whenever it comes to social media services, Snap Inc-owned Snapchat actually sits proudly in the front row. It may not be as famous as Facebook or Twitter, but it is really unique. Snazzy outlook is cherished via many across the world. Snapchat’s peppy and “colorful” attire is indeed an attention-grabber, however, it also can pretty annoying if you guys grow out of the “hip” Snapchatter phase. In this article, we are going to talk about What Happens When You Delete Snapchat. Let’s begin!

If it’s the worn-out flashy look as well as the incessant Snaps, the proposition of uninstalling Snapchat is rather real. Unfortunately, each and every thought of a uninstall also carries the lingering Fear Of Missing Out on something great in the world of Snaps. If you guys are amid such a dilemma, then permit this piece to guide you. Just read on to learn what happens whenever you guys uninstall the Snapchat app.

Difference between uninstalling the app and deleting your Snapchat account

Before we even start discussing what you might or might not miss after deleting your account actually. Now let’s check out how it really differs from deleting your Snapchat account altogether actually.

Whenever you guys hit the uninstall button on your mobile. Then the space that Snapchat was occupying on your mobile’s internal storage gets freed up as well. And that’s actually pretty much it. Since your account data isn’t saved locally — however, on a far away Snapchat server — uninstalling the app won’t really harm your account data.

Deleting your Snapchat account, on the other hand, is actually a lot more serious than a simple uninstall. Whenever you guys delete your Snapchat account — and don’t head back in 30 days. Then all data related to your account gets wiped for good as well. Your friends won’t be able to find you on Snapchat and also all the memories you guys may have saved over the years would be kicked off the server as well.

Deleting your Snapchat account is actually an irreversible process, however, deleting the Snapchat app isn’t.

Will your friends be removed when you delete the app?

As discussed in the previous section, deleting Snapchat is actually a reversible process. So, whenever you guys decide to reinstall the app and also log in to your original account. Then all information — also including friends — would rush back in. Rest assured that your friend list would remain intact if you guys ever decide to make a grand comeback.

What Happens When You Delete Snapchat

Now that you know the subtle yet important differences between uninstallation as well as deactivation. Then, just let’s check out what really happens when you guys decide to bid Snapchat adieu.

Snapchat, technically, falls in the same category as the leader of the segment as well, Facebook. But, there are quite a few aspects that actually make the Snap machine stand out; Snapstreaks being one of them. In simple terms, Snapstreaks are basically the standard metric of communication between you and your friends. After you exchange Snaps along with a friend for three consecutive days, then the Snapstreak metric comes alive. In order to keep it going, you guys must exchange at least one Snap, send and receive, within a 24-hour window, with the friend you guys are maintaining your Streak with.

When you uninstall the app, then you lose the ability to send Snaps to your friends as well. Your friends can still send you Snaps, of course, however, the Streak would go for a toss since it is a two-way street. If you guys care about your Snapstreaks, then uninstalling the app won’t really do you any good.

Can your friends see your location after you delete the app?

If you guys select to share your location on Snap Map along with friends during the initial setup. Then it will allow your friends to view your location in real-time whenever you guys use the app. If you uninstall Snapchat, then the application would lose the privilege of accessing the GPS — and also the current location — of your mobile phone. That means that your friends would not get to see your current whereabouts on Snapchat’s Snap Map as well.

Can someone look you up on Snapchat after you delete the app?

In the first subsection of the article, we really talked about the differences between uninstalling Snapchat from your phone as well as deleting your account altogether. Whenever uninstalling, you guys are not deactivating your Snapchat account. Then just taking a little break from the incessant notifications and pressure of keeping Snapstreaks alive too. So, to all the Snapchatters around the globe, you guys are still pretty much alive on the platform, however, not actively making a contribution. They can also look you up as usual and even send you Snaps if they feel like it as well.

What happens to Snapchat Memories when you delete Snapchat?

Avid Snapchatters tend to save their favorite Snaps as well as Stories for multiple viewings, sharing, and safekeeping as well. They do so along with the help of a Snapchat feature that is called Memories. If you guys happen to be one of the many Snapchatters in order to use this feature. Then it’s natural to be concerned about its whereabouts after you guys hit the ‘Uninstall’ button. Fortunately, Snapchat also takes special care of the Memories that you store. And just makes sure they are available when you log back into your Snapchat account. Since local data is completely wiped, it might also take a little while for you in order to get up and running again.

Download Snapchat Again

If you guys want to return to your glory days and also start using Snapchat as you used to. Then all you have to do is download the app from Google Play as well as App Store and just log in with your old username and password as well.

The moment you guys do, it will then take you back to your account right away. Your friends — given that they are still active — memories, Snaps, and almost everything else would once again be at your fingertips.


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