Best Server Management Tools You should Know

Businesses depend on servers for successful data communication. If a server is not performing as it should, then the data that businesses depend on for mission-critical tasks won’t reach its destination on time or also potentially, at all. Server monitoring tools are the best way for enterprises to make sure that their servers. Both physical and virtual, are operational and functioning at a manageable level actually. Which server monitoring tools is the best for you, though? In this article, we are going to talk about Best Server Management Tools You Should Know. Let’s begin!

The task to manage an IT department is a multifaceted one, revolves primarily around the provision of hardware and software. The most significant (and expensive) of these components is likely to be your company’s server actually.

In order to make sure the best value for money invested in this server. Careful network monitoring will need to make sure the availability in order to capitalize upon growth opportunities. Furthermore, if you’re at a large organization, then your set of responsibilities will extend to the whole cluster of servers.

Server capacity and server tools

Cutting corners in the budget for your infrastructure, which includes servers, will damage the quality of service delivery and just increase the number of calls. That your Help Desk basically receives (thus forcing up the amount of money that you want to spend on user and customer support).

Poorly performing servers also risk losing your company business and decreasing the efficiency of its employees. So, it’s now clear to see that getting the capacity of your server right is an important part of IT management.

This task should both make sure the successful delivery of current services at acceptable speeds, and also cater for the inevitable growth in demand as well.

Priorities for server management

The main purposes of server management basically have three categories of tasks:

  • The provision of infrastructure
  • The monitoring of services
  • Planning for future requirements

If your company is small and has few IT requirements. Then you could get away with keeping track of your infrastructure manually and just depending on the system reporting utilities. That is built into the operating systems and firmware of your equipment.

But, when your business becomes large enough to need its own server. Then you will already be managing a system that can’t properly be monitored without even the use of automated tools.

Best server management tools and server monitoring software for you

Well, there are a lot of server management tools on the market, surprisingly few of them are worth paying for as well. You guys will learn about the best server management tools, that are actually the leaders in the industry.

SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor


  • Active Directory monitoring, Agentless server monitoring, Apache Cassandra monitoring, and also App & server response time monitoring.
  • App dependency mapping, AWS monitoring tools, Azure IaaS monitoring, Paas monitoring, and Azure performance monitoring as well.
  • Cisco UCS monitoring, CentOS server management, Citrix monitoring for XenApp and XenDesktop, Dell server management, and also monitoring.
  • DNS server performance management, Docker monitoring, Domain controller, end to end file monitoring, email monitoring, and also Glassfish performance monitoring.

The SolarWinds has made comprehensive server monitoring simple, lightweight, easy-to-use as well. And also at the same time, powerful enough to handle complex situations. Furthermore, it is application performance monitoring works for up to 1,200 apps and systems.

But, SolarWinds provide different kinds of solutions, also includes IT security, IT operations, Database management, Network solution, Infrastructure management, Azure Cloud solution, also Office 365 solution, Scalability, CISCO solution, and many others as well.

server management tools

Along with SolarWinds, you can start in a few minutes, customize server monitoring, and visualize app dependencies as well.

SAM reports on | server management tools

  • CPU capacity
  • Memory usage
  • Disk volumes and usage
  • Power supply
  • System temperature
  • Fan performance

In order to fully secure servers from equipment failure, the monitor also keeps an eye on the services of racks. The place where you use blade servers.

You don’t have to set up the monitor with system inventories as it will assemble a register of all of your hardware for you. This also includes your racks and servers. The monitor also logs all of the applications running on each and every server.

If you also run the SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, then the monitoring tool will plot a map of all of your hardware (also include your servers). And map all of the network connections between them (include Internet links out to Cloud servers and also equipment on remote sites). SAM is able to interact also with Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS servers as well.

The SolarWinds SAM is able to track virtualizations and also map the relationship between servers and the virtual machines that are actually dependent on each other. This monitoring includes mapping and tracking the VM software that basically underlies the relationship and the network links between servers and VMs as well. The Server and Application Monitor is able to manage Microsoft Hyper-V and VMWare ESX virtualization software as well.

WhatsUp Gold | server management tools


  • Layer 2/3 discovery provides a detailed interactive map of the whole organization.
  • Real-time alerts in order to manage the network, traffic, physical servers, and apps.
  • Intuitive workflows and really easy customizations streamline the network monitoring process.
  • Add-ons including network traffic analysis, virtualization monitoring, configuration management, and also failover manager.
  • Monitor remote sites along with distributed edition and MSP edition.

Pricing: WhatsUp Gold basically offers some free tools as well as a free trial for 30 days. So, for pricing, you guys need to get a quote from their official website through supplying some important details. Such as name, email address, working number, country, and company as well.

WhatsUp Gold is an all-in-one monitoring tool for the whole infrastructure of an organization. The software works both on-premise and cloud, hence giving complete visibility into the performance of applications, devices, and servers as well.

server management tools

Along with WhatsUp Gold, you can also monitor application performance, network performance, bandwidth consumption, wireless networks, cloud-based resources, Hyper-V, and VMware as well.

Reports on: | server management tools

  • CPU activity
  • Memory availability
  • Disk volumes
  • Storage usage levels

The monitoring capabilities of WhatsUp Gold basically extend offsite to remote servers and cloud services. Those cloud servers can be Amazon AWS or also Microsoft Azure systems. If you guys implement virtualizations on your site, then the WhatsUp Gold service can monitor those services. It is able to integrate communications along with Hyper-V and VM systems.

Although the virtualization features of WhatsUp Gold are sufficient, then you can get deeper insights into your VM implementation if you guys also buy the Virtualization Monitor add-on.

WhatsUp Gold installs on the Windows Server environment, however, it can also monitor other servers that run Linux or Unix as well. The system is good for middle-sized companies. You can also get a 30-day free trial so you can check WhatsUp Gold’s suitability for your business actually.

Paessler PRTG

Paessler PRTG is actually a unified infrastructure monitoring system along with a wide range of capabilities tailored to network devices, servers, and applications as well.

The package also has modules in order to monitor network bandwidth, along with comprehensive VM monitoring capabilities. Every factor that is monitored by the system is called a “sensor”, and you can also tailor the activities of the monitor through activating different sensors.

When you guys buy PRTG, you buy the right to a certain number of sensors. So, you can select to limit the system to just monitor your servers or also cover servers and add on a few network sensors as well.

server management tools

Reports on: | server management tools

  • CPU activity
  • Disk volumes and consumption
  • Hard disk performance and health
  • Memory usage
  • Fan health
  • Power supply status

PRTG installs on the Windows Server environment, however, it can communicate with servers running Unix and Linux as well. The monitor will then alert you if the status of any of the servers under its purview approach full capacity. The package also includes specialized sensors that track the performance of storage servers, web servers, email servers, database servers, DHCP, and also DNS servers, and application servers as well.

Paessler PRTG integrated network, server, and application monitoring capabilities make it ideal to keep track of the health of all of those elements. That contributes to virtualizations. It is really great to monitor:

  • Hyper-V
  • Citrix XEN systems
  • VMWare ESX
  • Parallels Virtuozzo Containers
  • Amazon EC2

Furthermore | server management tools

Your virtualization components basically do not all have to be onsite. PRTG can reach out to servers on remote sites and also managed servers accessed as Cloud services as well. The tool will then build up maps between all of the resources of your VM support, so that you can see which VM maps to which servers and how well they are performing as well.

If you guys implement network device monitoring sensors, then you will also get a network map. That shows you how your servers connect to the equipment in the rest of the network actually.

Notifications generated by alerts keep you notified of arising problems and potential capacity exhaustion as well. These alerts can also be customized so that you can nominate in order to receive notifications by email or SMS. You can also specify that which team member receives notifications according to the source and severity of the alert as well.

Paessler PRTG is also available as on-premises software or as a Cloud-based service. You can use the service for free if you only need to activate more than 100 sensors. Paessler offers a 30-day free trial of PRTG that also includes an unlimited number of sensors.

eG Innovations


  • eG Innovations gives end-to-end performance visibility.
  • It has very broad coverage and can monitor up to 200+ application technologies, 20+ storage devices, 10+ operating systems, and 10+ virtualization platforms as well. Common cloud environments are also supported in it.
  • It basically embeds deep virtualization monitoring capabilities. Inside or outside monitoring of VMs gives a 360-degree view of VM performance, simplifying system monitoring, and also troubleshooting as well.
  • Agent and agentless monitoring options are also available.
  • Simple layer model views make it really easy to monitor heterogeneous systems and stacks.

eG Innovations

eG Innovations Pricing: eG Innovations is available with many pricing options such as Easy Evaluation (Cloud Deployed), Perpetual License (On-premise), Subscription (On-premises), SaaS (Cloud Deployed), and also Performance Audit Service (On-premise or cloud) as well.

eG Innovations gives an all-in-one application performance and also IT infrastructure monitoring solution. You will be able to monitor each and every layer and every tier of your IT environment as well. It has built-in domain expertise, KPIs, analytics, reports, and machine learning in order to detect and diagnose problems automatically.

Deployable as a SaaS solution or on-premises solution, eG Enterprise has a simple universal agent deployment and also licensing model. That makes it simple to deploy and very cost-effective.


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