Best Teracopy Alternative You should Know About

Well, copying files and folders on the Windows operating system is really an easy process. Users just need to copy and paste, or drag and drop the folders in between the drives actually. But, the speed of transferring files relies on what medium you guys are copying from like SSD’s, USB sticks, network, etc. In this article, we are going to talk about Best Teracopy Alternative You Should Know About. Let’s begin!

But, the medium is not the only factor in order to decide the file transfer speed, because the Windows operating system itself deals along with these operating. Although each and every Windows version is efficient enough in order to give adequate file transfer speed, the built-in function comes nowhere close to the third-party software when it comes to taking over operations actually.

There is plenty of file transfer utility available on the internet such as Teracopy, Copy handler, etc that can give better file transfer speed. Well, out of all those, Teracopy seems to be the best one and it is specially designed in order to move or copy your computer files at maximum speed.

Best Teracopy Alternative You should Know About

Then again, it is no longer the one one in every of its type that is available in the market. Actually, there are many in point of fact nice and also feature-rich document replica software that you guys will use as an alternative to Teracopy. So, in this article, we are going to discover a listing of the highest Teracopy choice for Home windows actually

But, it is not the only one of its kind out there actually. In fact, there is a lot of really great and also feature-rich file copy application that you can use rather than Teracopy. So, in this article, we are going to explore a list of best Teracopy alternative for Windows

Copy Handler | teracopy alternative

Copy Handler is actually an intuitive utility program with a bunch of flexible parameters in order to help you copy so many files at a go. For Windows PC users, this app is actually a perfect solution for your bulk copying needs. The program is available free of cost, fast in operation, supports pause, resume, restart and also cancel functionalities, as well as support multiple languages. Along with Copy Handler, you can easily move your files between computers or drives instantly. Also, the program supports drag & drop functions, additionally, it integrates with Windows Explorer and adds itself in order to context menus faster copy or move processes.

teracopy alternative

Interestingly, Copy Handler will automatically then resume all unfinished copying or moving tasks after a system restart. The app is really flexible and effective for the need.


It is some other highest loose document replica instrument at the checklist that can supply you quicker switch velocity actually. Identical to TeraCopy, FastCopy also permits customers to duplicate or transfer records data between the folders as well. The beauty of FastCopy is that it provides customers a lot of utilization modes. So, FastCopy is some other highest TeraCopy choice that you guys will use at this time.

teracopy alternative

The interface may not be the best that you can wish for, However, this Windows file copy utility is one of the best of its kind actually. FastCopy is a free PC program that helps you to instantly move your files around (from one drive or network to the other). This program basically supports UNICODE and over MAX_PATH file pathnames. Also, it makes use of multi-threads in order to read, write, verify, overlapped I/O, direct I/O, to trigger the best speed of devices as well. Not everyone can be able to use this app due to its interface. However, for advanced PC users, this is actually a great Windows file copy software 2019.

Mini Copier | teracopy alternative

teracopy alternative

Smartly, this one is a bit of other in comparison to all of the different indexed at the article. It is a light-weight instrument that wishes not more than 20MB of the loose area to put into your device. It also helps a drag and drop interface actually. Because Mini Copier is terribly light-weight, it supplies higher document switch velocity. It also supports a drag and drop interface. Because Mini Copier is extremely lightweight, it gives better file transfer speed.

Ultra Copier

teracopy alternative

Well, Ultra Copier is by far the best TeraCopy alternative on the list that can significantly improve the copy or paste speed. The best thing about Ultra Copier is that it also offers users lots of ‘copying engines’ in order to achieve the best speed. Not just that, however, Ultra Copier also allows users to add tasks to the queue actually. Ultra Copier is available for almost all major platforms that include Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.

FF Copy

If you guys are searching for a simple to use, yet effective file copy tool for your Windows computer. Then FF Copy might be the best pick for you actually. It is a utility that allows users in order to queue up the file copy operations in Windows. Not just that, however, you can also pause, stop, and resume the ongoing copy operations as well.

Extreme Copy | teracopy alternative

It is actually one of the top competitors of TeraCopy, however, it has lots of advanced features. That makes the tool complicated to use. Just like TeraCopy, Extreme Copy can also move or copy multiple files and folders at maximum speed. Some of the advanced features of Extreme Copy includes adjustable read/write buffer size, task queuing, auto-retry as well.

File Fisher

This is actually a portable application for copying any size of file or folder from one storage drive to another, or, from one location/directory to another as well. File Fisher is lightweight and also completely compatible with all the versions of Windows OS. The program is considerably faster than most other file copy utility for Windows actually. As a portable app, you do not have to install File Fisher on your PC; just simply drop the executable file on your desktop or any other directory. Then tap on it to run this app. Plus, you can also save this app on your removable drives like pen drives or USB flash drive, so that you can run it on any PC without prior installation.

File Fisher has an intuitive interface that each and every PC user would definitely understand. Also, it comes with a bunch of flexible settings and parameters as well. You can use File Fisher in order to copy any file on your PC because it supports tons of file formats. It is an app for both novice and advanced PC users as well; thanks to the intuitive GUI.

UltraCopier | teracopy alternative

Most of the PC users are already using this file copy utility for Windows; indeed, it is actually a great file copy software for Windows. That supports a variety of file formats, as well as comes along with an understandable user-interface. UltraCopier can be freely used by almost anybody, their knowledge of PC operation notwithstanding. Also, this Windows file copy utility is also available for macOS, and Linux as well. It is the replacement for the infamous SuperCopier used by most of the PC users. UltrCopier is basically an open-source application functioning under the GPL3 license as well.

The highly-customizable features of this utility program make a really great choice for many PC users. It is compatible with practically all versions of Windows OS, and it is also available for free of cost.


This is actually an amazing program to use in copying files on Windows. The program is so much flexible and it also works extremely fast. There is a free and also paid version of TeraCopy; but, you could still get to do much with the free version actually. TeraCopy is a famous file copy software among PC users; it also has the ability in order to skip any problematic file and continue with the transfer process. Rather than halting the whole process just for a few files. Along with this utility program, it is even easier to transfer files over a network speedily as well. TeraCopy has a comprehensive, yet understandable interface; additionally, it also supports drag and drop functions.

RichCopy 4 | teracopy alternative


Let me let you guys know, RichCopy four is actually a device this is advanced via Microsoft to duplicate records data. The device used to be had to obtain now and also identical to all different document replica equipment as well. RichCopy four additionally permits document replica in parallel too. Aside from that, RichCopy four additionally gives options such as pause, resume, document or listing filtering, a couple of assets, and so forth as well.


Well, just like all other third-party file transfer tools, SuperCopier can also be used to pause, resume, skip ongoing file transfers as well. Not just that, however, users can also control the buffer size and also transfer speed from the SuperCopier’s configuration window actually.


Unstoppable Copier | teracopy alternative

This copy software is still valid in order to use it at this moment. It has there for a really long time and functions with great speed. Unstoppable Copier is actually more of a recovery solution that copies all of your files from a directory and tries in order to repair the corrupted ones. It works on any Windows OS excluding Windows 10 as well. However, this is not the most intuitive Windows copy software that you can get, it is one of the fastest, and it is efficient as well.


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