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Beta 2 of watchOS 6: We can update the Apple Watch Directly

In these last weeks in which numerous reviews of the betas of the new software presented by Apple in the last WWDC are emerging, we have found very good news. Beta 2 of watchOS 6, allows the Apple Watch to be updated directly.

Apple Watch more independent of the iPhone thanks to beta 2 of watchOS 6

Increasingly, the Cupertino is trying to make the Apple Watch a device more independent of the iPhone. We already know that we can receive calls and messages without the phone nearby and now with the new beta 2 of watchOS 6 we are taking a step towards that independence.

Beta 2 of watchOS 6: We can update the Apple Watch Directly

The developers who are installing the betas on their devices have realized that the process to update the Apple Watch without touching the iPhone has started. At the moment it is not completely independent, because, it is necessary to confirm some actions on the phone. We will still have to use the iPhone to accept the terms and conditions.

A big step for the Apple Watch that gets older

When the Apple Watch came out, I remember it was a product that had a lot of potentials, but it looked like it was in diapers. We are already in version 4 and beta 2 of watchOS 6, and we can say that we have grown older and wants to become completely independent of the iPhone, which has been united as Siamese.

Beta 2 of watchOS 6: We can update the Apple Watch Directly

We hope that in version 3 of the beta of watchOS 6, we will be able to update the watch without having to have the iPhone at hand, much less having to interact with it. Of course, it seems that we will have to continue leaving it in the boot to complete those updates.

I can only remember one thing. The betas of the operating systems that are being launched right now for developers, are not too stable and can generate unexpected failures. We must have patience, at least until the public betas come out that are already more tested and have almost no failures or instabilities. It is assumed that in July we will be able to have those betas and enjoy all the news.

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