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We assume that the iPhone XI and XI Max will have a triple camera

We assume that the iPhone XI and XI Max will have a triple camera

The rumors about the new iPhone XI and XI Max (names that are not yet official) do not stop. Now the manufacturer of accessories Olixar has already started with the production of protectors for the new Apple devices, they assume that it will have a triple camera. 

Does this move ensure that the iPhone XI and XI Max will have a triple camera and its final design?

As it has been reported that the iPhone XR 2 (2019) will have a double camera, the devices previously shown have been in the sights of the rumors. The design that is contemplated of the triple camera is something different and for many, it is not to your total liking. They are three lenses accommodated within a square design where the LED flash is located at the top. Two lenses are one above the other and the third is just below the flash.

For the iPhone XR 2, the accommodation would be something different. Instead of having the LED flash on tops like the possible iPhone XI and XI Max, it would be located in the middle right next to the double lens. For sample, accessory manufacturers have already contemplated these designs.

We assume that the iPhone XI and XI Max will have a triple camera

Sale of camera protectors – MobileFun

The manufacturer Olixar has provided the information to the retail store Mobile Fun. At first, this design was one of the first that began to be rumored among several netizens who filter information about Apple. It seems that this design would be the end and that there would be no change.

They are in time to start the production of accessories

Several companies dedicated to the manufacture and sale of accessories estimate a long time for the production of covers, protectors, among others so that users can have the convenience of choosing accessories for their future device. in this case, the protectors for the triple camera of the iPhone XI Max are now available for reservation at a price of $ 10.99 in a package of two protectors.

It does not take long for other distributors to begin selling covers and protectors for these devices. Personally, I do not like the design of the cameras by Apple. It remains to be seen in the presentation if they bring significant improvements since the competitors of other brands such as Huawei and Samsung have presented stellar devices with good specifications.

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