Beware of the new scam that could affect you and block your iPhone

The scams related to the iPhone multiply quickly and it is necessary to be informed about the latest events. A week ago we already notified you of a fraudulent email that was posing as Apple and today we inform you of a new practice that could block your iPhone.

The Singapore police to a public appeal made on a scam aimed at users of the iPhone and started on Facebook. Scammers pose as game developers and manage to block users’ devices.

 Do not listen if they ask you to change your Apple ID

Apparently, scammers use Facebook, and other social networks, to contact iPhone users offering quite “lucrative” payments in exchange for testing games in theoretical beta phase. However, they do not use official Apple platforms like TestFlight.

Instead, these scammers ask victims to log in to their iPhones with a certain Apple account. After doing so, the scammers activated the “lost mode” of Find my iPhone and blocked the devices of the victims.

Then the scammers extorted the victims by asking for money in exchange for unlocking their own devices.

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The police have recommended, in the same way, that we do, not to log into their devices with Apple accounts that they do not know and that they do not transfer the money in case of being scammed. The best option is to contact Apple from official channels and explain our particular case, it is possible that Apple will unlock our device.

Every day new ways of cheating appear and you have to be very careful and not trust anyone. To test betas of games Apple has its tools and it is not necessary to log in with IDs of strangers, what’s more, our advice is that you never want your Apple ID from your iPhone.

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