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How To Bookmark A Skype Message

Skype has returned to focus on its main function; Messages and calls. To this end, several useful features have been added to the app to help improve communication, such as subtitles. Another feature that was recently added to Skype is a bookmark feature. The name is mostly explained; You can bookmark a Skype message and find it quickly when you need it.

If you’ve ever been in a chat room before you may have asked, days later, “What did he say?” Skype realizes that chats are used not only for casual conversations about time and play last night. Chat rooms are used for brainstorming sessions, free family meetings, and travel planning. Skype has included a chat bookmark feature and voice over IP phone system that lets you save chats so you can check them in the future.

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It works like this.

Bookmark a Skype message

This feature is available in Skype desktop apps, the Web app and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Desktop and Web

  1. Open the Skype app on the desktop or visit the Skype web interface in your browser.
  2. Select the chat thread from which you want to bookmark a message.
  3. Search for the message and when you find it, click on the button with three dots / other options next to it.
  4. In the menu that opens, select the “Add bookmark” option.
  5. To access the bookmarks, click on your profile icon in the upper left corner (above the search bar).
  6. In the menu that opens, click on Bookmarks.

The bookmarks are grouped by the person and sorted by date. If you hover on it, an arrow appears. When you click on the arrow, it takes you to the message within the chat thread from which it came. To remove a bookmark, click the button with three dots / more options that appear when you hover the mouse over it and select the Remove option from the menu.

iOS & Android

Make sure the Skype app on your phone is up to date and visit the chat thread from which you want to bookmark a message. Tap and hold the message until you see a menu or additional options. Tap “Add bookmark” in the menu and the message will be marked as a favorite. You will see a small icon at the top of the message indicating that it has been marked.

To view the bookmarks, return to the main app screen and tap its profile at the top. From the menu, tap Bookmarks. If you tap a bookmark, it will take you to the chat thread it came from. If you want to delete a bookmark, tap and hold it until a menu is displayed. Select the “Remove Bookmark” option from the menu and it will be deleted.

You can mark the messages that have been sent or sent to you. When marking a message that has been sent, the sender is not notified that it is bookmarked.

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