CarPlay is better than ever thanks to the news that comes with iOS 13

The hundreds of new features of iOS 13 will not only make the experience with an iPhone better but will also benefit CarPlay, the operating system for cars. Thanks to the Cult of Mac team, below we will detail some of the new features that come with iOS 13.


A renewed interface

The first big change since the release of CarPlay in 2014 is the design of its interface. With iOS 13 we will have a much cleaner panel that will provide the main information in a minimalist way.

From a quick glance, you can see a map and on your left a music player so that changing a song does not require more time of distraction on the part of the user. To one side of the panel, we will also have the possibility to choose between various suggested applications such as HomeKit controls or our favorite audio format book.

Car Play interface

Voice assistant improvements

With the new vehicle software update, we will notice an improvement in the interaction with Siri. We will be able to consult information to the assistant of the voice of Apple without needing touching a button; now it will be enough to say aloud “Hey, Siri” as long as the music or the background noise is not excessively loud. In this way, the driver can run audiobooks, Spotify playlists or your favorite podcast.

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Apple Maps more functional than ever

iOS 13 renewed its mapping application to get even closer to the good experience you get with its direct competition, Google Maps. At the time of receiving instructions from Siri, there will be more natural, so the classic “100 meters to the left” will be replaced by a “Turn left at the next traffic light”.

Apple Maps

Thanks to Apple covering more than 6 million kilometers with planes and cars equipped with different types of sensors, users can more easily locate the places they wish to travel due to an improvement in the details of the map.

The small details make the big difference

The renewed CarPlay that comes with iOS 13 improves some details that will make the user get an excellent experience, these are:

  • A native calendar: this new application of the system for automobiles will allow us to locate on the map the addresses of an event by just touching it and quickly call any member of it too, for example, warn that we are on the way.
  • Light modes: by default, the CarPlay interface will be in dark mode so as not to distract the driver when it is dark, but we can configure this option to adopt light tones according to the time.
    Simultaneous use: unlike what happened in previous versions, now CarPlay will continue to work even when we are using our iPhone.

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