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Install Google Dialer on LG G4 – The Easy Way

LG G4 possibly sending with Lollipop, however, you don’t get the accurate material love that Lollipop conveys on the LG G4, because of LG’s own custom UI.

What’s more, this doesn’t stop at simply cleaning. If you’ve at any point used stock Android, you’d know what amount modified a custom skin like LG UI and TouchWiz are from Google’s unique apps.

Install Google Dialer

To be completely forthright, Google’s apps are a whole lot better. What’s more, fortunately, Google is now endeavoring to discharge its apps to Play Store with the goal that each Android user approaches them, regardless of which device they possess.

Be that as it may, some useful apps like the Google Dialer aren’t yet accessible on Play Store and the best way to get them on your LG G4 is by physically installing them with the assistance of root get to.

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How to Install Google Dialer on LG G4:

Download Google Dialer (.zip)

  • Download and install a File Manager app with Root Access, we prescribe the free ES File Explorer app.
  • Enable Root access on ES File Explorer app from the slide-in left board.
  • Download the file from the link above and unfasten it. You’ll get a “Dialer” folder.
  • Copy the Dialer folder and glue it into/framework/priv-app/catalog on your LG G4.
  • In the wake of copying, give o644 authorization to the Dialer folder and the Dialer.apk file inside the folder.
  • When legitimate folder and file authorization is set, reboot your LG G4.
  • That’s it in a nutshell. Google Dialer should now be installed on your G4, search for another app called “Phone” on your device.

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