Changing airs! Pixel 3 and OnePlus 6T are mostly purchased by former Samsung users

Admired and desired by many, Google Pixel 3 and OnePlus 6T catch the attention of technology enthusiasts thanks to its solutions and advanced hardware, rivalling directly with more traditional companies in the smartphone market.

A curiosity in this regard, however, is the proportion of former customers of other brands who purchase the above-mentioned devices, abandoning their previous devices in search of change.

In this sense, Counterpoint Research revealed that a good part of the users of both devices came from devices of Samsung and Apple, being that number referring to the last quarter of 2018.

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As can be seen below, 51% of users who have purchased a Pixel 3 and 37% of those who purchased the OnePlus 6T previously had a device signed by Samsung, while 18% and 16%, respectively, previously had an Apple device.

Going deeper into the details, Counterpoint Research revealed that 31% of Pixel’s total sales were from smartphone owners prior to the Samsung Galaxy S7. Already in the case of OnePlus 6T, the main devices cited were the Samsung J2 Prime and Galaxy S7.

One Plus 6 and Google pixle 3 Stats

Already among users who left Apple replacing the current OnePlus handset, most of them are former owners of iPhone 7 or earlier, running away from the high price of devices signed by the apple.

Another point that stands out in the survey is the maintenance of the operating system. If we look at the total numbers, we’ll see that more than 80% of Google Pixel and OnePlus consumers were already using Android as their primary system.

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