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Check Who’s Viewed Your Snap Story On Snapchat

How To Check Who’s Viewed Your Snap Story On Snapchat

Your Snapchat story allows you to share a photo or video with all your Snapchat friends for 24 hours. Unlike a normal Snapchat photo or video, which you can see once, Snapchat Stories can be viewed over and over again until they are destroyed 24 hours after they are posted. You can also see how many of your friends on Snapchat have seen their Snapchat stories and their names.

When WhatsApp introduced the “seen” feature, people were angry. The feature made it impossible to ignore a message or reply without a very valid reason. Finally, other messaging apps have acquired and replicated this feature. Everyone has a way to disable it, unlike Snapchat. This, for better or for worse, tells you exactly when someone has seen your updates, messages or when he’s writing. Snapchat literally sends you a notification when one of your contacts starts writing. There is no way to hide your activity in the app and this is valid for your Snapchat story. You can see who saw your Snap story quite easily.

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Check who has seen your Snap story

Open Snapchat and scroll left to access the Stories screen. You should already have an active snap story. Tap your story. Be careful not to tap any of the three side buttons.


When you tap your story, it starts playing. If you look at this screen, you will notice a small arrow at the bottom. Scroll up on this arrow. A panel will open revealing how many people have seen your snap story. You can see the total count of views in the upper left corner. Next, to him, you can see how many times your story has been reproduced.


Snap stories have a limited duration of 24 hours. This limited life means that your followers/friends/ public on Snapchat can only see your story at that time. Likewise, you can only check who saw your snap story as long as it’s available.

Once your story has run its course, i.e. the 24 hours expire, you can no longer check how many views you have in your story. If you then add more snapshots to your story, you can only check the views of that story. Older snapshots in a story expire after 24 hours. The views you see in a story are for snapshots that are still within the 24-hour period.

If you want to limit who can see your story, you can do it. You can allow all those who follow you to see your story or limit it only to your friends. Friends are people who follow you and follow you. If you limit the visibility of your instant story only to friends, the people you don’t follow won’t be able to see your story.

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If you want to share an add-on with a limited number of friends, your story is not the best way to do it. Instead, it’s better to create a group on Snapchat and share your story with the group.

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