Complete Review On The Best Sites To Rent Textbooks

Are you the one who is looking for the best sites to rent textbooks? For a student, the price of new books can be difficult to handle. So we rent a textbook is quite easier and cheaper than purchasing a new one and then trying to resell it afterward.

So for your ease textbook, rental websites are on the rise. Using this service, you can also find all the books that you want and rent them after the course of your semester for a reasonable price. That is why you can also get everything you want and save up some money.

The Best Sites To Rent Textbooks

However, some websites offer extra perks. Come let’s check them out:


Amazon provides a service when we want to rent some books. However, it’s one of the biggest and most popular e-commerce businesses all around the world. Also, it’s understandable why its database can’t match to the available books for rent.

Renting a book using Amazon can’t differ much from purchasing one. Simply search a book title or author’s name as you usually would on Amazon. Then, when you visit the product page, simply choose “rent” rather than “buy used (or new)” and then add it to the rental cart.

Amazon’s rental service also offers different perks. For example, the company experts will check whether a book is in an acceptable rental condition or not. When you receive it, simply apply for a refund whenever in the following 30 days. Also, you’re bound to pay the shipping cost, but once you subscribe to the “Prime Student” membership, the shipping is free of cost.

Also, if you have a Kindle or a Kindle app on your Android device, simply rent an e-book besides. After this, you don’t need to pay the shipping fees and the costs are quite cheaper. The book is available will on your Amazon account during the rental period when the rental period expires it will disappear.


The Campus Books Rentals are a trustworthy service during which they’ve significantly grown their library or their reputation. They brag with one of the biggest book collections among all the online textbook rental services.

Also, you should know that the service is available only for students. So, it has both amazing upsides and some things that may prevent you. For example, the shipping is free of cost, besides receiving a book or sending it back. Alternatively, the book quality may be below your required standard. Also, the service enables writing and highlighting the book pages.

Some other amazing features include live support every time and an also user-friendly interface. If you’re don’t know about some regulations or if you have any other questions, then you can easily find help. Also, it offers a 3-week refund period.

If you want to rent a book, just search it via the bar, tap on it, and select the rental period. The period varies between 55 and 130 days and you can select your desire dates.


The best thing about Chegg is that it has a restrictive rental policy than the other services from the list. Mostly, the textbooks are in a neat shape while writing on books is prohibited. Also, you may get charged if you caught doing so. Alternatively, highlighting the books can’t discourage, but you must try to keep it at the minimum. Also, you get free access to the e-book version of your textbook for a week so you must lose valuable studying time.

There are some best things you must consider after delivering and returning books. also, you want to pay the shipping fee in both the directions until your cart is over some amount. Also, it depends on the period of the year when special offers are added. Also, the fee must be above $50. When you return the book, you must return it using the prepaid shipping label that you’ve got after receiving the package.

On its top, the Chegg website also offers a study program where you can answer questions and issues from more than 9,000 textbooks. You can also ask an online tutor to help at any time if you want help understanding the material. Rather than this, the website offers a list of available internships and career paths that you can also look up and also apply for some.


Textbook Rush was launched in 1994 and in 2002 they started their online bookstore and online book rental service. The site has a massive catalog of study books – over a million titles. Also, make sure they offer movie and video game rentals, too.

This service has multiple major upsides. Also, it has a 30-day trial, no-questions-asked return policy if you’re not satisfied using your book. Also, if your order is more than $35, you’ll pay the shipping costs while the return is always free. While returning the book, simply extend the rental period for an extra 10 days for a small fee.

You can easily use this service. The website’s instinctive layout makes it quite easy to rent a book, extend the rental period, and also purchase a book. Yes, you can also purchase a book that you’ve rented at any time. Also, Textbook Rush has an app where you can sell your used books. So, don’t rent a book, but you can also earn some money after holding a book that you no longer need.


The reviewed websites are the best textbook rentals. But you must keep an eye on lots of up and coming sites. As textbook rentals are the best way to study cheaply and instantly. So, you can only forecast that the number of these services will grow fastly.


Here’s all about “Review On The Best Sites To Rent Textbooks”. Which website would you choose and why? Why renting a textbook is your preferred choice? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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