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Different Methods To Access Removed Comments on Reddit

Do you want to access removed comments on Reddit? Are you wondering to access removed comments on Reddit? If yes, then you are in the right place. “Signal-to-noise” is a phrase we used in recent years, refers to the activity nature on some of the world’s most popular websites. “Noise” is low-quality or low-effort, while “signal” is something to be preserved and support. Reddit’s volatile growth in the means of popularity. Also, it’s an ideal candidate for signal-to-noise analysis. If you’ve spent more time on Reddit, you’ll have seen [deleted] in the comments section.

Well, it means that the content has been rendered invisible forever. But special thanks to Reddit’s API and its expert developers, it is possible to restore some of these removed comments on Reddit.


Within Reddit’s vast web of opening communities, there exists a considerable (sizeable) community of those who attest to heavy-handed restraints and abuses of power, with whole subreddits dedicated to this sort of discussion. Provided how many niches are catered to on Reddit, it’s the reality that some subreddits are more strictly controlled than others.

Access Removed Comments on Reddit:

 Access Removed Comments on Reddit


Ceddit gets a node or sign for a comic name. But also it’s the most sturdy tool we’re wondering at, enabling you to browse as though you were on Reddit. You can move as though you were on Reddit, making it ideal for searching removed contributions.

Have you ever try to use Ceddit in this way? Well, there are some caveats you should be aware of: no subreddit CSS is loaded. It means that every subreddit uses Ceddit’s dark UI, you can’t log into an account, and it is quite slower than using Reddit directly.

After getting around this restriction, Ceddit works magnificently. We were quite amazed while browsing through removed comments that Reddit can identify the source of comment deletion.


If we talk about simplicity then Unreddit definitely goes for it. There’s no real interface: the domain is a basic landing page for how to use the service. However, append “un” to any “Reddit” link, and it’ll start to backup removed comments for you.

After you’ve altered the URL, you’ll then view an overlay saying “Recovering Deleted Comments.” Depending on how many comments were removed, it can take a little longer to full recovery.

Comments that were removed will appear with a red highlight, and you can move back to the original comments through the link located at the top of the page.


Resavr takes various views of what comments necessary to be saved. Besides recovering everything that has been removed, Resavr backup comments over 1000 characters in length.

It’s a good balance:  you can expect longer comments to be more essential, but certainly, you just like to restore a side-splitting one-liner or anecdote.

Remember that Resavr’s UI is quite different from the other websites. Besides altering a URL to reach removed comments, the site itself looks to monitor Reddit for removed comments. Also, it offers insight into how long it took for a post to be removed.

Resavr absence the ability to filter the subreddits. It means that you could bring NSFW content at an inconvenient moment. Remember that if you’re going to try and backup content!

Going for the Best

While we’ve just displayed the ease of backing up Reddit comments. There are situations where a comment is better rendered invisible. Also, it means editing an existing comment and storing the modification before removing it. This will fully unclear the original comment’s content. Keep in mind, after removing a comment you can’t be able to edit it. It means that what is last visible is what will be recovered.

Should you want to wipe your Reddit account of its posting history fully. Also, there are many scripts to automate the whole process. The real Userscripts website is down so you want to use another such as Greasy Fork or the Userscripts mirror

Step 1:

Start by installing or downloading the script manager for your browser. However, Chrome users want Tampermonkey, while Firefox users want Greasemonkey.

Step 2:

Simply head over to one of the sites mention above and download a script. Then select one that already has an adjustable number of high ratings or downloads. Because harmful scripts can be a security risk.

Step 3:

Execute the script and it will start to work its way using your posting history. Also, it replaces the real comments with filler messages linking to the script before removing this revised comment.

Once done, you can remove the account fully. Also, its posts should be unrecoverable, at least for websites like these. Also, we can’t guarantee they will be completely impossible to recover.


Here’s all about “Access Removed Comments on Reddit”. With Reddit’s API enabling anyone to make a service like those we have showcased. Also, there is no way to guarantee one will remain the final solution forever.

Well, we’re fond of Ceddit. Resavr takes a quite different approach that might be of interest if you’re wondering for longer posts. Also, Unreddit is the fastest alternative thanks to its easy URL tweak, but Ceddit works as a separate Reddit browser.

For further queries and questions let us know in the comments section below!

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