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Different Operator now allows use of eSIM on iPhone; See Who

Since the iPhones XS and XR have gained support for dual-SIM on iOS 12.1, all users of these models are eagerly waiting for Brazilian operators to quickly adopt eSIM Support, which is a virtual chip inside the device that allows users to use a number of without placing any physical chips. TIM and Vivo had promised this support by the end of 2018, but the year was over and nothing was presented.

Now, Claro is launching this long-awaited compatibility, called by them from Claro e-chip.

Starting this Friday, 29, the operator begins to make available to its customers the option of having a telephone line through the XS and XR eSIM.

According to the company statement, the commercial policy for activation of eSIM is the same as the physical chip. That is, it can be activated for customers with any plan (including Pre and Control) and even activate for portability for those who come from another carrier. There are no monthly fees or special plans to be hired, it is a chip like any other, with the difference that it is not physical but digital.

In other countries, there are operators that allow activation even online, through a QR code read by the iPhone. In the case of Claro, the client needs to go to a Claro store to carry out the activation. Soon, this will be possible also through the other service channels of the operator.

Different Operator now allows use of eSIM on iPhone; See Who

Since last year, Claro already offers eSIM for Apple Watch LTE, but they are different things. In the watch the operator offers the service called Claro Sync, in which the user can use the same number on the Watch that has on the physical chip of the iPhone (that is, practically a clone), paying an extra fee of $ 29.99 per month.

In the case of the Claro e-chip,  the number is unique, used directly in the eSIM of the device (without it being replicated anywhere else). That is, you will not be able to put in the eSIM of the iPhone a number that you already own in another device and keep the two lines at the same time.

With this, Claro becomes the first (and for the moment the only) Brazilian operator to offer eSIM support for the new iPhones. So far, Vivo and TIM have yet to say when they will adopt support for the iPhone’s eSIM.

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